2022.01.19 19:59 Shitpost_Shaman Eyescream

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2022.01.19 19:59 AnimeGachaStore [H] Selling Dokkan Battle Stoned Accounts Android & IOS [LF] Paypal or Cash App

Disclaimer: -No Refunds -Accounts Come With Transfer Codes -Instant Account Delivery -Must Awaken LR's/SSR's Yourself -I Accept Cash App/Paypal Only friends and family
Discord is Granola#6713
[Global Androids]
$30 - 6000DS with 5 random lrs and 10-30 dokkan fest units.
$25 - Fresh Rank 1 Account with 4000DS
$50 - 7500DS with 1 random lr and 5 dokkan fest units
$60 - 7500DS with 6th anniversary mui goku & evo vegeta with 2-4 random lrs
[Global IOS]
$35 - 6000DS with 1 random lr
$65 - 7500DS with 6th anniversary mui goku & evo vegeta with 1-2 random lrs
$15 - Cheap Reroll Accounts 1800DS
[JP Androids]
$30 - 5000DS with 5-10 dokkan fest units
$35 - Fresh Rank 1 Accounts with 2700DS
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2022.01.19 19:59 the_Raging_rejects Hay so my Grandmother has an old grandfather clock and she lost the key Would you happen to know where I could find another one?

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2022.01.19 19:59 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.19 19:59 thehighroofer Where you at Gary? Millions of people want to know. #amc

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2022.01.19 19:59 WritesUaSong The derp is strong in this one.

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2022.01.19 19:59 WoollyMammoth45 Free King Arthur Pancake Mix (gluten free) after rebate

Saw this deal today and thought others here might be interested. if you purchase a King Arthur Pancake Mix and upload the receipt, they will send you the money via PayPal or Venmo. They have two different gluten-free varieties available. It's a legit deal (I was able to get a full refund via PayPal immediately). Details are on their website.
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2022.01.19 19:59 crytoloover Should we Invest? in MEME Coins crypto. #crypto #ytshorts #investing #shorts #sayyedhammad

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2022.01.19 19:59 SnowGames Specter wraith fighting the mining drone base

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2022.01.19 19:59 sybering players exploiting bad rendering?

It would appear there's a large increase in 6 star level players turning to the sniping meta. Literally players I've come across that had no issue with closer range fights. Now they act like the game is unplayable unless you're sniping. Turns out there's spots on the maps (especially Desalle) where you can stand and buildings 200+ meters out won't render but you can see the people inside. Boom easy kills on unsuspecting players who probably think you're a hacker. Essentially high level players are abusing exploits.
Is this issue known and being worked on? Any input is welcome!
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2022.01.19 19:59 rob12176 Hard tops for the e85?

So I’ve been trying to find a hard top for my Z4 for the longest time and have failed or they’ve been over priced, So I’ve thought about maybe making my own And have it welded onto the car or have a fitted to wear it has latches so I can take it on and off with ease but this is just a thought and was wondering if anyone else has gon that route?
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2022.01.19 19:59 podkayne3000 "Nocebo effect" accounts for 76% of all adverse events in the COVID-19 vaccine trial group

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2022.01.19 19:59 Frequent_Election163 [Theory] The Prince Deamon is Katarin's father

In the trailer where the Undivided LL is revealed : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SHIeca7Y1k
He says : "I was a mortal then, **a prince then, a prince now**". Immediatly afterwards, past trailers went back in my mind.
In the trial by fire trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JWqlDxEQps) the narrator is an old Kislevite soldiechampion who is slowly corrupted as he complains that his country keeps being attacked, and he becomes an undivided Chaos Champion.
The very first announcement trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAr7yUlM0Po) has Katarin's father saying that he "made a sacrifice", that wasn't enough ; then his voice becomes completly distorted as he talks about the Chaos Gods, and then the Tsarina's mirror shatters.

CA said that the Prince Daemon isn't Be'lakor and that he has his own story. I feel like it just makes sense.
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2022.01.19 19:59 Jackiechan223344 [USA-IA][H] Local cash, paypal [W] gpu and cpu bundle under $650

Want to get a cpu and gpu bundled together for 650 or under.
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2022.01.19 19:59 Lostpotato913487 Been calling OnTrac multiple times today for updates on a time sensitive item. Customer service threatened me

Called into ontrac countless times today as I believe the more I push the needle maybe they could help me out. But it’s OnTrac of course they won’t.
I finally ended up to their “resolution” department. Might as well be “customer service” because it was the same thing. Asked if I could pick up from facility and they said no due to volume.
Well since it’s 5 minutes from my house I told her “I plan on stopping by today to see if someone can help me find my package” she proceeds to say “it is a private facility you can’t show up there as it is not a store front” and before I can even reply she says “I have notified the facility on your intentions of showing up this afternoon. We will trespass you and take all actions necessary against you”.
I’m appalled. Like what?!?! Lol
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2022.01.19 19:59 yoofka Spontaneous walk-in; chose a wanna-do by Ivan in Gold Needle and asked for some adjustments (removed a tiger, added thorns). Hesse, DE.

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2022.01.19 19:59 Guaaba Hi! I’m actually considering buying a tile saw. Do you have have any suggestions in terms of brand/model? Is 100-150 CAD is enough for a decent wet tile saw? Thanks for your help!

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2022.01.19 19:59 CJGlassman What is the most painful thing you ever been told?

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2022.01.19 19:59 Denmarkgamingandmore Do you think I could cut the meta knight plush mask without doing a crap job(I’m sorry for not knowing the Oreos are in the background)

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2022.01.19 19:59 kierserz Hey um guys I have an announcement to make

🐊🍩 ş๏𝓾ˡ𝓳a 𝐛𝔬𝓨 丨 Ŧ𝑒𝐋𝔩 'єΜ Ⓐⓨⓨ, Ⓘ 𝐆𝓸丅 A ⓝⒺᗯ ๔αภcẸ 𝐅𝕠r ⓨ'Ã𝓁ℓ 匚𝔸ⓛ𝐋ⓔ𝓓 ᵗĦє s𝐎uˡ𝓳a 𝔹๏ⓨ ʸ𝑜𝓤 j𝐔Ŝt ģᵒtтà ρυŇc𝐡 t𝓗ⓔή 匚ⓇⒶⓝ𝕂 𝕓aᶜ𝓀 𝕋h尺𝐞ⓔ Ť𝓘๓𝓔ร ℱ𝐑𝓸Μ ℓ𝐄𝔽丅 𝔱𝕠 𝐑𝐈ᎶĤⓣ ⓢØ𝐮ⓛ𝐣𝓐 𝐁ό𝐘 𝕠Ƒғ ƗŇ 丅𝓗ĮS 𝒽σ乇 𝔴𝐚𝓣ℂⒽ м𝓔 𝐂г𝒶𝔫Ⓚ 𝐈𝓉, 𝓦𝔸𝓣CⒽ 𝓂Ⓔ 𝔯ᗝŁℓ 山ᗩţςh м𝒆 ςᖇคnᛕ Ťђa𝓣 𝐬Ⓞυᒪנᗩ Ⓑ𝔬Ƴ ţℍ𝐄Ⓝ Ŝ𝔲P乇ⓡⓜᗩᑎ ⓣ𝐇άt 卄ᵒᵉ ภ𝑜山 𝔴A𝐭ČⒽ Μέ (CⓇ𝐀𝔫𝐤 𝐓ℍAт 丂𝔬𝓊ℓנA 𝐁𝐨𝐘) ⓝ𝔬山 ωΔŤ匚н мe (cʳ𝐚ℕҜ ŤнÃ𝓽 𝕊ᗝⓤ𝓛𝓙卂 в𝐎ⓨ) η𝕠w 𝐖ᵃⓣ𝓬ᕼ 𝔪e (Ć𝓡αŇ𝐊 Ť卄Ⓐt Sόᑌ𝐥ⓙa βOⓨ) 𝓝𝔬ฬ 𝓌άтᶜ𝒽 мⓔ (ςRa几Ⓚ 𝐓𝓱𝒶𝓉 𝕤๏u𝓁𝓳𝓐 bσ𝕐) Ň๏𝓌 ώ𝓐𝔱Ć𝔥 𝓢𝕆𝐔𝓛ן𝐀 𝒷ⓄⓎ ⓞⒻ𝓕 𝓘𝐧 Tн𝐢𝕊 ℍ𝓸𝒆 ŴÃţ℃h 𝓶ⓔ 𝐂ŕ卂ᑎк ιt, ώ卂𝕥cⒽ м€ ⓇⓄ𝕃l Ŵⓐ𝔱匚ʰ 𝕞𝐄 Ć𝔯ⓐ𝓝𝓀 丅h𝓐t 𝓢𝕆𝓤𝐋ⒿΔ ᵇόч тh€几 ⓢǗ𝐏Eʳ๓ค𝕟 丅ℍAⓉ 卄ㄖέ 𝓷ᵒŴ ŴΔtᑕ𝐡 𝐌ε (¢𝓻𝓪Ⓝ𝓚 丅Ĥά𝓽 𝓈๏UĻĴa β𝐎𝓎) ภ𝓸w 𝕎άtČʰ ᵐⒺ (𝐂гΔŇK Ⓣ𝓱𝒶𝕋 丂oᑌ𝐋ⓙ𝐚 βㄖу) ᶰσŴ ώά𝕋𝓬ђ 𝕄ε (Čгάⓝ𝕂 𝓣Ĥα𝔱 丂ㄖ𝐮ⓛןά 𝒷𝓞ʸ) ℕ𝑜𝐰 ⓦ𝔸т𝐜ℍ ϻ€ (𝕔яαηᵏ тĤAţ ѕ𝕠ⓤ𝓵ⓙà 𝓑ᗝу) ℕㄖω 𝓦𝐚𝐭ᶜ𝐡 𝓢σuŁⓙⒶ 𝓫ᵒ¥ ùP 𝐈ⓝ ᵗ𝔥ίs Ho𝔼 山𝓪тⓒℍ 𝐦𝒆 𝐥ε𝓪N ⒶN𝕕 ŴAtc𝕙 Mⓔ яⓄCk S𝕌𝔭𝔼ʳмa𝓝 𝓣𝔥a𝕋 𝒽ㄖ𝑒 𝓣Ĥᗴภ 𝐰ⓐ𝐭ᶜᕼ ⓜє ᶜ𝔯άη𝔨 𝔱卄𝔸𝓽 𝓻๏𝐁𝑜ᶜᗝ𝓹 𝐬υρ乇尺 𝔣ⓡ€Ⓢ𝒽, ℕ𝕠𝓌 Ŵᵃ𝔱ςħ 𝔪ᵉ j๏ς𝓚 ʲoς𝕜𝐈ⓝⒼ 𝕆ⓝ 丅𝒽𝔢ᗰ 𝐡ⓐ𝓣εrş ๓𝓐ή 山𝓱𝐞𝕟 𝐢 𝓭Ø t𝐇ⓐ𝕥 ˢ𝕠Ữ𝓁Ⓙ𝕒 𝔟Ø𝕪 𝕀 ℓ𝑒ά𝔫 𝕥O 𝓣𝓗€ 𝔩Ⓔⓕt 𝐀ℕ𝒹 𝔠г𝐚𝐍к 𝓽𝒽α𝔱 𝓣𝕙𝓐几g, 𝓷𝔬𝐰 ι'м ⓙⓞℂᛕiℕ𝐠 o𝐧 чσⓊŕ в𝔦t𝒸𝔥 𝒶𝐬s αηĎ เⓕ ώє 𝑔𝐞т т𝐇𝒆 𝔽𝕚g𝐡𝐓𝕚𝓷ﻮ 𝔱卄єŇ ί'𝔪 ℃σ𝓒ķI几G ๏𝕟 𝔂ⓄⓊ𝔯 𝐛i𝔱c𝓱 Δ𝓼𝓈 𝓎Oυ ᶜⓐ𝓉CH Ⓜ𝑒 ᗩt Yσ𝕌Ř ⓛo匚A𝓛 paᖇ𝕥Ⓨ ƳⓔŞ 丨 ᑕ𝓇𝓐ⓝķ 𝕚ⓣ 𝑒𝐕є𝔯𝓎𝐃𝐚𝕪 𝓗Δ𝕋έ尺Ŝ gє丅𝐓ιภǤ 𝕄卂∂ '𝒸𝕒uSε 𝔦 𝓰๏T 𝕄乇 𝕊𝐨ᵐ𝔢 β𝔸𝐭ℍ𝕚𝓷𝐆 ᵃק𝓔ş 𝕤𝓸ùㄥ𝒿A β𝑜𝔂 ỖℱF ƗN ŦĤis 𝕙σe ᗯ𝔸𝓣℃ⓗ 𝕄ᵉ 𝔠𝐑𝒶𝓷k ιⓣ, 𝐖𝒶丅𝒸𝕙 ๓ᵉ ⓡ𝔬𝔩𝓵 ω𝔸tⒸ𝓱 м𝑒 ςR𝕒ŇK Ŧħ𝕒Ť รσยᒪĴค 𝔟𝑜ץ 𝕋ђ𝔢Ň ѕⓊ𝔭𝐞гм𝔞𝐍 т𝔥ᗩ𝓉 нOⓔ nØฬ ŴαtⒸн 𝓜Ẹ (𝓒𝓻𝔞ᶰķ 𝔱Ĥᗩ𝓣 SᵒᵘⓛⒿ𝐚 bᗝ𝔶) ᶰᵒⓌ Ⓦα𝓽𝒸ʰ 𝕞ε (𝕔r𝔞𝓃ķ Tᕼ𝐀𝓽 Ⓢ𝑜ᑌⓛјÃ ᗷㄖ𝐘) 𝐍σ𝔴 Ŵ卂tⓒ𝓱 𝐌ⓔ (ĆⓇάη𝐊 Ťн𝒶Ť 𝐬ØỮ𝐋𝐉ค β𝕆ㄚ) η𝕠𝕨 𝐖α丅𝐂𝕙 Μᵉ (c𝓇𝓐ℕҜ 𝓣ђΔ𝓽 Ŝσᵘ𝓁𝓙ά 𝒷σ𝐲) 𝔫oW ŴⓐtⓒⒽ Ŝσ𝐔ⓛנ𝓐 ๒ᵒʸ ØŦƑ ι𝕟 Ť𝐇ⓘ𝔰 ђ𝕆ᗴ ω卂𝕋𝐂𝓱 ᗰ𝑒 ςRᗩᑎ𝕜 𝓲𝕥, WÃt𝕔ħ 𝕞Ẹ 𝕣𝓸lĻ W𝓪tcⒽ 𝓜E 𝐜ŕάⓝ𝓴 Ťⓗάt Ş𝑜ยℓĴⒶ B๏y 𝐓卄єŇ Ŝᵘρέ𝓇ΜΔn ⓣhaт 卄Ỗ𝐄 N𝕠山 W𝒶Ŧ𝕔н 𝔪𝐞 (𝐜Ř𝐚ℕ𝕜 𝐭ђ𝕒Ŧ 𝕤ㄖⓊĻ𝔧Ⓐ 𝐁𝑜y) ⓝ𝑜w 𝕨ᵃⓣᑕ𝔥 Μέ (Č𝔯ᗩᑎⓚ Ⓣ𝓗𝐀Ť 𝕊𝕠υLjA ᗷO𝔶) 𝕟O𝔀 山𝐀ᵗcђ ΜE (℃𝓻aŇ𝓚 𝐓ℍ𝐚𝓣 ŜόυLڶά ⓑ𝓞Ⓨ) ηᵒ𝕎 ⓌⒶ丅Č𝕙 𝐦𝕖 (ℂг𝕒𝓝ⓚ 𝕥Ⓗ𝐀𝔱 𝔰𝕠υˡנα ᗷ𝑜ү) Ⓝ𝐎山 ʷⓐт𝐂ħ Į'м ᗷoUN匚iⓃ' ᵒ𝐍 爪ү 𝐓όᵉs ᗯⒶT匚𝐡 ᵐᵉ 𝕤𝓊𝓟𝓔𝔯𝓢ỖคҜ тⓗ𝒶𝓉 hⓞ𝐞 𝔦'ᵐ 𝓰𝕆𝕟ή𝒶 卩𝓐ѕ𝓢 เ丅 𝔱O Ⓐᖇ𝔸𝕓 T𝓱Ẹᑎ 𝓗έ g𝑜ⓝ' 匚𝓻Aηk 𝕀𝓣 𝕦𝐩 ℱσ' sн𝑜' 𝕙aⓣєя𝔰 ώ𝕒𝐧Ňα вє 𝐦乇 Sㄖ𝓤𝔩jà 𝐁ỖY, 𝓘'м th𝒆 м𝐚ᑎ t𝕙𝒆𝕐 𝔟€ 𝐋𝔬𝐎𝕜𝓘𝕟' ⓐ𝓉 𝔪𝓎 ᶰⒺ𝔠𝕜 ѕA𝓎Ꭵη' 𝓲𝓉'𝐒 Tнε ŕⓤ๒𝐁έ𝔯 вΔn𝓭 mAn (MA𝐍) wⒶⓣ𝓬𝐇 ᗰ𝑒 D𝓞 ⒾT (ᗯ𝕒тcⒽ ⓜ乇 𝔡ㄖ ⓘ𝐓) 𝕕ⓐℕ𝐜乇 (ⓓÃ𝕟𝕔𝕖) ㄥ𝑒𝐭 Ǥ𝔢丅 ⓣ𝐨 ίŤ (Lⓔţ gέt 丅๏ ιt) ŇØקe, 𝓨𝑜Ⓤ Č𝔸Ň'ᵗ đⓞ 𝕀𝕋 Ⓛ丨𝔨ᵉ мέ ⓗⓞ𝕖, ѕ𝓸 d𝓸𝐧'Ŧ dσ 𝕀𝐓 lᎥK𝓔 ᵐ乇 ƒ𝐨Ļ𝔨, Į şєe 𝔂𝑜𝐔 ⓣ𝓻Ⓨnᵃ 𝓭o 丨𝔱 Likᵉ Ⓜє 𝓂α𝕟 ⓣ𝐡α𝓽 Ⓢђᶤt 𝐰𝒶𝔰 𝓤𝐆ℓץ sㄖUŁJa BO𝔶 ᗝ𝕗Ⓕ 𝓲𝐧 𝓉𝔥I𝕊 н๏Ⓔ 𝓦𝕒Ⓣ℃ᕼ ϻẸ Č𝕣卂η𝔨 ι𝔱, Ŵάт𝒸𝐡 𝓶є 𝔯ỖⓁ𝓁 w𝒶𝐭ςĦ ᵐ𝓔 𝔠ⓡα𝓝𝐊 𝓣ђᗩ𝓣 𝓢𝓞ù𝐋ja ⓑⓞ𝓎 丅ʰⓔ𝐧 SⓊPⓔ𝔯ⓜαN Ť𝐡ᵃт ℍσ𝐞 几oʷ ᗯคⓉ𝒸𝐇 𝓶Ẹ (ĆŘᵃภ𝐊 𝓽𝐡𝐀𝕋 𝓢Ỗ𝐔L𝔧𝔸 ᗷỖ𝔂) 𝐍𝕆w ωⒶt𝐂ʰ 𝓂𝓔 (ⓒ𝓇Aᑎk 𝕥𝒽𝔞𝓽 𝓈𝓸𝐔ljα BØч) n𝓸𝔀 w𝓪T¢h 𝓶ᵉ (Č𝐑Δ𝓝k 𝓽н𝕒t 𝕤𝐎υ𝕝ĴΔ βσу) Ň𝑜w 𝕨卂тⒸĦ 𝓜𝔼 (ᑕ𝐑α𝐧к 𝕋Hαt 𝕤๏ùⓁⓙA ๒๏𝐲) 𝓷oⓦ ฬά𝓉𝔠Ⓗ 丂Ⓞ𝓤ℓJค 𝓫όу Ø𝓕Ŧ ι𝓝 т𝒽𝐢𝓼 𝔥๏𝑒 𝔀ค𝐓𝓒𝕙 𝓂ᵉ ⓒ尺ᗩ𝓷𝔨 i𝓣, 𝔴ά𝕥℃ⓗ ᵐє 𝓻𝔬𝓛Ĺ 𝕨𝔞t𝓬ђ 𝕄Ẹ 𝕔ℝ𝕒ηⓚ 𝓽𝒽ᵃ𝓣 丂𝐎Ữ𝔩ןค ᵇ𝓸ㄚ 𝕋ĦEη sᑌ𝓹ε𝔯ϻᗩภ 𝓉𝓗Ãt ⒽØⓔ ησŴ 𝓦𝔸𝐭Ⓒħ ๓E (cℝⓐⓃ𝓴 ŦнΔ𝐓 ร𝐎𝐮𝓁𝐣α ᗷ𝐨Ў) ᑎ𝓞ฬ 𝕎𝔞丅ᑕ𝓱 ᗰẸ (¢𝐫𝔸ηҜ 𝐭𝕙𝐀Ŧ 𝐬𝐨𝓊𝐋ⒿA 𝐛𝐨ʸ) 几𝑜𝕨 ωaᵗCĦ 𝐦έ (ℂℝ卂𝓃𝕜 𝓉ⓗ𝔞Ť 𝕤𝑜𝓊ᒪ𝔧ά b𝓞ч) 𝓝𝑜𝕨 ฬ𝔸Ťςᕼ 𝔪e (ⓒ𝐫𝐀Nк T𝕙Ⓐт 丂𝑜𝓾𝓛Ĵa βㄖу) nㄖⓦ 𝕎Δ𝐭cн เ'ϻ 𝓽ㄖØ F𝔯𝑒S𝐇, ỖƑᶠ Iภ Ⓣ𝓗aⓣ 𝓗𝕠𝔼 𝕎𝓐т𝐜𝐡 Me ςℝ𝕒Nк 𝓲𝓉, ώ𝒶ᵗC卄 Ⓜє Řό𝓵l wαţᑕⓗ 𝐦ⓔ ᶜʳ𝐀NҜ 𝓉нÃ𝐭 ℝ𝔬𝔬ş𝔼𝔳єℓ𝐓 ᵃηⓓ 𝓼υⓟⓔ𝐫 𝐬๏𝔞ķ ᵗℍαт ℍ๏Ẹ ѕ𝕦Pe𝕣 ⓢOαк t𝕙𝔞Ť Ĥσ𝓔 ˢυℙ𝕖𝐑 𝐬ᵒ𝕒к t𝐡𝔞𝕋 ℍ𝕠ⓔ 𝓢ùpєⓡ S𝓸𝐀к 丅𝓱A𝓽 Ⓗ𝕆ε ᔕù𝐏𝒆ᖇ ˢ𝐎𝔸𝓚 tᕼαŦ ⓗ𝔬ᗴ 𝔦'𝓶 t𝔬𝕆 fⓇέ𝓼ђ, 𝓃Ø𝓌 ωα𝓽C𝕙 m€ ᗪ𝐎 𝒾t Ŵatς𝐡 м𝐞 şĤ𝕌F𝓕𝓁Ẹ, w𝐚Ť𝐂𝓱 Μє ω𝓐т𝓬𝐡 ᗰ𝒆 Ⓒ𝐫άⓃ𝓀 𝓽𝒽αⓣ s𝑜𝕌𝕝𝐉𝐚 𝓫𝓸ץ 𝔫ᗝ𝐖 𝕤Ǘ𝓅𝑒яΜΔ𝕟 𝔰ᑌק𝔼ŕ𝓶𝒶𝐧, Đㄖ ƗŤ 𝐬𝓾Ƥᗴᖇ𝓜𝔞Ⓝ, 𝕕𝓞 𝐢ţ Ş𝕆𝓊𝓁𝒿ค 𝕓ㄖч oⓕ𝐅 𝕀ⓝ 𝓽ℍ𝐢ⓢ Ⓗ𝔬𝒆 wAţĆⒽ 𝐦乇 Čŕ𝐀ήK ⓘ𝕋, ω𝕒tČ卄 Μ𝐄 𝓇σ𝓛𝓁 Ⓦ𝔞tⒸ𝔥 𝕞є Č𝐑𝓐ηᛕ TⒽ𝓐т ᔕⓞ𝐔𝓵𝓙𝐀 ᗷ𝐎Ƴ 𝓣卄𝐄ⓝ 𝔰𝓤卩E𝐑๓Ⓐ𝔫 т𝕙ᵃт Ⓗόⓔ 𝓷ᵒ𝕨 𝓌Ⓐ𝐓𝓒ħ ๓ᗴ (𝓒R卂𝔫𝓴 丅卄𝕒t ᔕᗝ𝕌Ļڶà βόץ) ภσ𝕨 山𝐀𝓉𝔠Ⓗ мẸ (cRaᶰк 𝕋𝔥𝔸𝐭 𝓼𝕠υlᒎ𝐀 ᵇ𝕆ʸ) 𝔫ㄖ𝔀 ⓦAⓣℂ𝓱 𝐦ⓔ (℃г𝓐Ⓝ𝐤 丅ⒽⒶ丅 Ş𝕠𝓊𝓛jα 𝓑Ⓞⓨ) 𝕟O𝔴 𝔀αţĆʰ ᵐe (c𝕣Ãภ𝕂 𝕥нⓐ𝕋 ⓢ𝐎ù𝓵ڶΔ в𝓸𝐲) nⓞ𝔴 ώÃ𝔱Ć𝔥 s๏ยℓʲα 𝕓Ⓞ¥ ⓞᶠf I𝓝 𝓣ℍ𝒾ᔕ нⓞε 𝓌𝔞T𝐜ᕼ ⓜέ 𝒸r𝓪ᶰЌ 𝓲𝓉, ᗯᵃ𝕋ⓒħ м𝕖 яσℓℓ 𝔀ᗩ𝓽ᶜ𝒽 ϻ乇 𝒸𝔯ᗩⓝᛕ 丅ℍάţ 𝕤Ỗùᒪ𝐉𝔞 𝔟𝔬ү ᵗⒽẸ𝓃 𝕊𝐔ℙ𝐄𝐑𝓶Ãⓝ Th𝐀t ᕼⓄє ภ𝕆ᗯ ⓦ𝓐丅𝐜𝕙 𝐦έ (ᶜŘΔℕ𝓴 Tℍaⓣ Ⓢ𝐨υ𝕃𝓳Δ в𝓞ㄚ) n𝐎𝕎 ⓦa丅ⓒʰ ᵐᵉ (ℂ𝐫𝒶𝓝k ᵗн𝕒ţ s๏𝓤𝔩𝓙𝕒 β๏ץ) 𝓃𝐨ʷ ᗯα𝕋𝒸ʰ 𝕄ᗴ (ςяa𝓃𝐊 tħAŦ 𝐬Ỗυ𝐋𝕛ⓐ в𝔬Ў) 𝓃𝕠ω ω卂Ťⓒh 𝔪ⓔ (ℂ𝓡ค𝓷𝐤 T𝒽A𝓽 Şᗝᵘ𝓛𝓳Δ 𝔹σƳ) 𝐧𝐎ω 山𝓐ᵗC𝓱 🍪✋
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Recently moved here. Does anyone know if there is a store in Mississauga, comic book or games store, that purchase Funko Pops off of you? My partner and I have been collecting on and off since 2018 and we're ready to part with a chunk of our collection. We just don't have enough space for it and as much as we enjoyed our time collecting, we'll just keep our favourites. I know you can can sell on Facebook marketplace (I've purchased before on there) but I was wondering if there was an easier way.
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