NY finally showing true covid numbers

2022.01.19 21:18 skapunkess NY finally showing true covid numbers

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2022.01.19 21:18 WEAP0NIZE Is Yieldy's Akita Algo LP pool up and running?

Question is above. I ask because I provided Liquidity for Akita Algo pair on Tinyman today and Yieldy says I have 0 amount and I can not stake.
Thank you!
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2022.01.19 21:18 Mongoose_Mundane “Uncaged” Dominion toy by Mattel + possible plot spoiler

This new image that has surfaced from the web, shows a new toy figure for Jurassic World Dominion that shows a raptor (a stylized version of it) that looks identical to Blue but that instead has been called “Beta”. If you remember, a while ago, Colin Trevorrow has treated us with a photo that showed Blue with a little Velociraptor, almost as he was hinting that Blue will have an offspring in this new installment the franchise. Could this figure be the first look of Blue’s offspring, which could be supposedly be named Beta?
All the credit goes to: @jurassictoysoficial
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2022.01.19 21:18 Knb_trash_prince So sick of how I get treated but I’m stuck.

That’s just how life goes right? I got Spider-Maned by the universe and I mean I can’t really complain because it was a huge “everybody gets one” it just sucks that everything else has remained shit for the most part. I’m getting frustrated with how I’m treated by my family but it’s not like I can say or do anything right now…I live here rent free so I shouldn’t complain. But I’m just sick of it all. They refuse to respect what little I ask, I’m just the bitch boy when they see fit. I’m tired of cleaning the messes, of being ignored, taking care of dogs that aren’t mine (I adore them but I’m sick of always having to take on others pets that I didn’t get to pick. It’s THEIR DOGS never MINE or OUR) I bathe them and feed them. none of them listen to a single word that leaves my mouth. When I worked and my sibling didn’t for years I gave everything I made to my parents when I lived with them. I had to hide money to buy myself stuff. But now I’m unable to work I still don’t get a say in what happens here, my sibling gets all the power. It’s fucked up. I have to share everything that I can’t stash in my room and listen to fighting, yelling, the tv being loud as fuck, picking up dog turds and vomit in the house if no one lets them out or feeds them people food, a janky door that gets stuck so I’m stuck in my room at times until I can get it to open, wearing clothes with holes and fixing them so I don’t have to ask for anything, making everything I own last as long as I can, not being able to cook because the kitchen is awful and no one cares but me. I’ve cleaned it top to bottom twice and had to move things because we still have mice…they never care cuz I’ll pick it up and clean…well I’m not going to be around much longer once I get my surgery done. I’m skipping town. I can’t deal with the stress and anxiety and toxic situation and abuse anymore. I love them dearly but fuck! I can’t keep punishing myself when they lash out at me because I’m there and the lowest on the pole. It’s not my fault. I didn’t make you deal with people and have a shit day. I’m trying to help keep everyone happy and it’s killing me. I’m tired of always being last to take priority in my own life and theirs. I’m ready for a blank page and a real place I can feel safe from everything and call home. The best times I had was living with my best friend in an apartment in hodunk nowhere working a shit job but awesome people and night time car rides with a co worker who sang and was a good friend, a significant other who basically ignored me until I was needed and crossed every boundary I set (that I could have done without), but I was free…I had my best buddy in the world in the next room, warm food at night that I made or she would, great friends who loved taking me for car rides and just listening to music and stuff, late night walks and eating awful gas station food and getting food poisoning lolz, drunken Mario kart(when I could drink), laughing at stupid shit, and just being alive. I know my family loves me and they’ll miss me but I just can’t do this to myself anymore. I’ve suffered enough at my own hands and the hands of others…it’s time I got some love and relief. Sorry for complaining.
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2022.01.19 21:18 Illustrious-Stay-443 1QB full ppr dynasty

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2022.01.19 21:18 anothernaturalone Why do liquids blublublublublub when you pour them?

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2022.01.19 21:18 rainbow_riising Looking for a makeup/hair artist for boho wedding in Pamplin Grove this Summer

I’m looking for a makeup/hair artist for my wedding Aug. 27th in Pamplin Grove. We’re going for a dark, mystical vibe. So I’m thinking probably some waves/loose curls with lots of messy braids. Probably gonna put some flowers/greenery/feathers in there as well. If you or someone you know would be interested, let me know! Links to social media greatly appreciated if they have it!
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2022.01.19 21:18 SnooHobbies3387 This game sucks

Fr like its boring after u get stone tool theres nothing to do like wtf
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2022.01.19 21:18 alelay new dungeon entrance?

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2022.01.19 21:18 EuqirnehBR97 Acho que qualquer possibilidade de defesa da ausência de sistema de saúde organizado nos EUA foi extrapolada quando uma criança em quimioterapia tem um anti-emético negado pela seguradora

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2022.01.19 21:18 candriann rate my schedule lol

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2022.01.19 21:18 pannenkoek_slet R̛̥͂a̶̭ͯť͍͜ȩ͖͔ I͔̍̾s̨̗̈ E͒̽͢ḙ̯ń͎̑ S̷̽̃t̜͗ͩä͖́͞a̫ͣ̕ṫ̢̜s̡̏̃g͚̈́͟ȓ̞̭e̷͓̕e̺ͫ͟pͭ̐́!

R̛̥͂a̶̭ͯť͍͜ȩ͖͔ I͔̍̾s̨̗̈ E͒̽͢ḙ̯ń͎̑ S̷̽̃t̜͗ͩä͖́͞a̫ͣ̕ṫ̢̜s̡̏̃g͚̈́͟ȓ̞̭e̷͓̕e̺ͫ͟pͭ̐́! submitted by pannenkoek_slet to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 21:18 No-Patience-6119 Please I’m so horny~

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2022.01.19 21:18 jck101 Charging a 12V deep cycle battery from 110V outlet in the car

Hello. I tried to charge 12V deep cycle battery (65Ah) by plugging the charger cord into 110V outlet in the car. Per the Car owner's manual, you can use max 150W electronics from this outlet. Also headlight/AC/real defrost shouldn't used during the use of this 100V outlet. The battery charger I used has 130W input and output of max 8amp (bulk charging) to 1amp(float charging). I assumed it's be ok since 130W is below 150W limit and max output would be 8*12---is less than 100W (I guess the efficiency of this charger is about 75% (96/130)? Although it was said it's 85%)) . However, when it started to charge, the charger never output more than 1.5 amp, and the charger level showed 100% even though it was really about 50% (12.1-12.2V). So the charger somehow went through float charging cycle instead of bulk charging. I didn't use headlight/AC/defrost. The charger worked fine from home outlets before and after charging in the car. I heard weak buzzing noise from the charger when used in the car as well.
Am I not supposed to use the Car 110V outlet to charge the battery? It is really hard to install DC to DC charge in my car. The cords from hood to underneath dashboard are not visible at all. FYI the car starting battery is 65Ah. Thank you.
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2022.01.19 21:18 HackExGameplays Mercari on Adgem- 4k

Hi guys back with another simple offer, all you have to do is list anything. I listed a random photo with a random price. Do note that to start the listing you need a credit card, which can be an empty visa from freecash.
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2022.01.19 21:18 InsignificantOcelot Mid-Atlantic Tobacco Warehouse Hallways

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2022.01.19 21:18 Jest_coz That Pest Drained | Let's Play Scarf Part 5

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2022.01.19 21:18 TitleComprehensive96 Do people up here not know how to park?

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2022.01.19 21:18 Halaloolia Stanford students never fail to surprise me

It's amazing how so many of them manage to leave automatic toilets unflushed.
-Stanford student
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2022.01.19 21:18 Greedy-Strain1144 Let it happen - Tame Impala (lead synth)

HI people i think you can help in this. I need to know how to recreate the lead synth in 0:05 in Let it Happen - Tame impala. If you know how to recreate it, please give me the instructions, thanks, bye. :)
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2022.01.19 21:18 MistressR3d You may approach

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2022.01.19 21:18 badassmauva LED Light

Do LED Lights help plants grow in the winter?
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2022.01.19 21:18 AccountantAway438 anyone know who this is?

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2022.01.19 21:18 Visible-Display7983 Someone got creative with their Walmart return 🤔

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2022.01.19 21:18 SlcGentlan Bezel scrolling (classic versions)

Am I the only one who thinks the scrolling with the bezel should match scrolling the screen with your finger? It should be smooth instead of every click, the screen jumps. It's jarring and causes you to briefly lose the text you are looking at. I hate to reference the Apple watch, but if you use the scroll wheel on the side it simulates what your finger would be doing.
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