2022.01.19 20:13 crytoloover COINEX LISTARÁ BABY DOGE COIN HOJE

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2022.01.19 20:13 Ok-Damage-4369 I’m scared after knowing this info but I’m definitely looking forward to what comes next

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2022.01.19 20:13 cholocharlesbronson Gluing Walnut body blank with wood leftover from my Kanun build. Will be for a long scale buzuq in style of a Mando strat.

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2022.01.19 20:13 dev_null_not_found RiffTrax: A Day With Fireman Bill (Full FREE Short)

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2022.01.19 20:13 Dhondoe99 Alina of the Arena : $10.39 (-20%)

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2022.01.19 20:13 seacobs Eurasian lynx

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2022.01.19 20:13 MorrigansAngel Ever wanted to learn to play D&D, but didn't know how? Here's your opportunity!

Legend Weaver is a local professional game master holding short introductory sessions for new players who want to learn how to play this extremely popular game.

Sessions run at 1 pm or 5 pm on Sundays until the end of January and cost $10 per person. Minimum 4 players per session, so tell your friends about this as well!

Sign up here:
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2022.01.19 20:13 PaddyDubs69 Genesect raid adding 10 - 2079 9541 1204

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2022.01.19 20:13 RainIsAnInk Streak 168 - quand il pleut

Bonjour à tous !
Il pleut toute la journée aujourd'hui donc je passe le temps en faisant de l'exercice et en étudiant le français. Je serais fière de moi, mais mon copain passe la journée à courir un semi-marathon et à participer aux deux groupes de conversation en français, alors je me sens paresseuse, haha.
Bien que j'étudie le français aujourd'hui, je n'ai pas fini mes devoirs pour mon cours de conversation. Alors, je retourne l'étudier !
À demain, quand je ne serai pas si paresseuse.
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2022.01.19 20:13 Very_Wet_Paper i just got hit by the bus of sleep deprivation

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2022.01.19 20:13 game0234 Tor-tor cubes : $15.99 (-20%)

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2022.01.19 20:13 Common_Conversation3 Anyone heard from these schools?

Hi, has anyone heard from these schools for PhD in social psych?
- Carnegie Mellon U
- Columbia U
- Northeastern U
- University of Virginia
Really starting to lose hope here :'(
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2022.01.19 20:13 travel_4_life Apple strudel coffee cake

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2022.01.19 20:13 honda07B 18500 batteries

Im looking to buy a few 18500 flat top batteries for my new thermal rifle scope. What would you recommend and where from ? You guys have been awesome help so far
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2022.01.19 20:13 SnooStories8070 Interview attire

I am interviewing for a service advisor role at a car dealership and was wondering if any of you have had this job and could give some insight. The main thing I am concerned about is the attire. Should I go business casual or full suit and tie. Any additional pointers about this job and pay would be appreciated
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2022.01.19 20:13 LexMultiplex Manic/mixed episode

Hi all,
Was recently hospitalized and put on Prozac and Zyprexa. I’m noticing a manic episode coming on, having a lot of delusions, racing thoughts and my sleep is down the tubes. I have two 12 hour shifts at the hospital in the next few days. I don’t know what to do! Need a med adjustment but my doctor is unreachable
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2022.01.19 20:13 NoSleepschedule What method do fellow plant owners like to use to prop?

I'm just curious, between using sphagnum, perlite, perlite and sphagnum mixed, and Leca, which do you guys see better results from? I want to expand from just using sphagnum but I want to know which else to use or of I should try anything else at all. How exactly does Leca work and what's the benefits of the perlite method?
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2022.01.19 20:13 ChillzEmo Trading hal19 for halos

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2022.01.19 20:13 drunkuility Always at Ur Service

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2022.01.19 20:13 quatrz00 When I rub my eye I will notice there is a weird smell on my hand in the spot I used to rub my eye. Why do my eyes smell?

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2022.01.19 20:13 jamesdoe505 Bubbles shot : $14.99 (-25%)

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2022.01.19 20:13 TheLostPariah MLK's legacy is marked also calls for economic change

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2022.01.19 20:13 WVUmaniac04 🚀 HackRead Partners With Verify To Strengthen Security For All 🚀 Verify Is Excited To Work Alongside The Leading Voice In Their Field 🔥 Plus BNB Dividends For Holding VRFY 🔥 Small Market Cap 💎 Don’t Miss Out!! 💎

🚀 HackRead Partners With Verify To Strengthen Security For All 🚀 Verify Is Excited To Work Alongside The Leading Voice In Their Field 🔥 Plus BNB Dividends For Holding VRFY 🔥 Small Market Cap 💎 Don’t Miss Out!! 💎
HackRead Announcement: founded in 2011, is a leading news platform and trusted voice focused on InfoSec, Cyber Crime, Privacy, Surveillance and Hacking News.
Verify Announcement
What separates Verify from the rest of the crypto projects that are currently launching? A unique and needed use case. Verify Lens is not a gimmick and it will help each and every investor in various ways!
Let me introduce you to the ICO of 2021, VerifyToken! You’re probably wondering what makes Verify different than all of these other shilled posts, so allow me explain.
Cryptocurrency crimes rose by 1,000% in the last year alone! According to the FTC, consumers lost at least 80 million dollars as a result. Guess who the consumers are…us. And, nobody is stepping up to protect ‘us’ so there is a clear need for what Verify is doing!
Verify is bringing full transparency to the crypto market. The utility behind Verify is Verify Lens. It is a cloud-based dashboard that will gather data on defi projects—new and old—to aid the investor in making a more informed decision. The dashboard is currently under development. We will be using our own API’s to communicate with API's from multiple sources to answer your typical DYOR questions. On top of that, users will be able to check audits and doxxed devs, label wallets, track wallet movements, and get a security rating for any project—and more! Our algorithms will create confidence scores for every project so you can make more informed investment decisions. With so many people being scammed daily in BSC (some of us included), we believe this will be a powerful tool to educate investors and deter scammers.
Doesn’t that sound like a much-needed service? And you can get in on it early! Join our Telegram to get the details about how you can purchase!!!!
At this point, you probably want to head over to our website to learn more about Verify Lens and see our timeline—hope to see you soon!
(Boring but necessary and important stuff):
✔️ Doxxed & experienced team
✔️ Team is available around the clock for questions
✔️ Active community
✔️ Tokenomics with philanthropy
10% Sell tax
💥 2% Research and Development
💥 2% Charity
💥 2% Liquidity
💥 2% Burn
6% Buy Tax
💥 2% R&D
💥 1% Liquidity
💥 1% Charity
💥 1% Burn
Get in touch with us:
Now on Discord
…and of course VerifyToken
Come check out our Verify Family! You don’t want to miss this!
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2022.01.19 20:13 TallPop2035 Hard or Soft Pull on Limit Increase

I wonder if there is a pattern from the major credit card companies when pulling your file from the 3 major agencies...
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2022.01.19 20:13 Roldes19 Are Chinese aware of the lies that they are told?

I don't want to generalize too much, but how many are really aware of what happens in Xinjiang, or about the chinese propaganda that hides a lot of facts? (Obviously I'm aware that 'hiding facts' happens everywhere, but in China it seems essential to mantain a state of control over the population more than anywhere else).
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