Can anyone give me the WP for NM crystalline passage? I was wondering why my res was so bad in hell…

2022.01.19 21:17 sagecircuits Can anyone give me the WP for NM crystalline passage? I was wondering why my res was so bad in hell…

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2022.01.19 21:17 Minute-Tradition-665 Unreal Engine 5 Composure

Does anyone know if UE5 will have Composure in it on the final release? Any thoughts on how it might be done otherwise?
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2022.01.19 21:17 scarlettfiggy I'm a TA in a department other than my field of study. My boss made some comments today about my evaluations that I need help unpacking.

Ok, here's the situation: I am getting a PhD in a liberal arts field of study, and am entering medical school in August. I have a good background in science due to the pre med courses I had to take, etc, so I was hired by a science department at my university to teach a non-majors intro section.
I got last semester's evaluations in today. Last semester was my first time teaching the class. They were about .7 points (out of 5) lower than the other TAs.
I was told this by my boss, a professor in the department. He described that as "abysmal." I asked him what the chief complaint of the students was. He told me he quote "hadn't read the evaluations yet, but it's probably because you never smile. I mean, the first time you smiled last semester and acted happy was when you got into medical school. Students pick up on that."
I'm a woman, and my immediate reaction to this was that it feels really sexist for a male professor to tell his young female TA that she got poor evaluations -- which he hadn't even taken the time to read yet-- because she didn't smile enough. But I'm also confused by the comment because we 1) wore masks all semester in TA meetings and 2) I act professional in TA meetings because that's how I've been conditioned to behave. Sure, the other TAs bring him cookies, joke, and giggle during the TA meetings. That's fine, cool. They've known him for longer. But my approach is always polite yet professional and frankly it's gotten me pretty far in life. (Also, I think it's low key inappropriate to bring cookies to your boss for the explicit reason you want him to like you/rehire you, which is what I was told by one TA?)
Now, I read my evaluations. The verdict is that students wrote stellar comments about my approachability, friendliness, and dedication. They wrote terrible comments about the structure of the class, the syllabus, the grading policies and the difficulty of examinations -- these are all things outside of my control and set by my boss. The only comment that was negative was that one student wrote the class was "boring" and I just read from slides in a monotone voice, which was an outlier. And one student did complain about me not responding to emails, but I'm pretty sure this student was the student that refused to send them to my actual email address/kept sending them to a defunct one I told her I no longer check.
Now, I didn't make it clear to my students that the evaluation was for my TEACHING and not the course itself. And I think it's possible some of the lower numerical ratings are due to that.
But besides this, he also cautioned me against telling students that I was earning a PhD in a liberal arts field and not a science field. It had gotten back to him that some students were complaining that they were being taught by someone who doesn't have an academic background in science. He said students "sink their hooks" into information like that and decide early on if they like the class/instructor. I'm sorry, but what?
I just needed to vent. I also need guidance on how to handle this, and if I should do anything or just let this situation slide. I won't be teaching after May. And I think right now the most I'd want to do is to send a polite email once I'm off his payroll and explain that his comments frustrated me and came across as sexist. IDK
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2022.01.19 21:17 CalliCosmos Sudden Alabama

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2022.01.19 21:17 86bethanyh Bored at work

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2022.01.19 21:17 OverDistribution2 What song do you wish Deftones/Chino (in any of his projects) would cover?

For me, it has to be Love You To Death by Deftones. Has the airy, sliding synths (like a proto-sound to the ones in Change), the heaviness, the sensual lyrics and the dark but groovy vibe. Either that or Absolution by Gary Numan. A Gothic Trip Hop masterpiece.
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2022.01.19 21:17 UserAccessDenied Does Automated Red Cell Donations (ALYX) remove more Iron than Whole Blood?

Need to schedule an appointment and my local blood bank is urging donors to opt for ALYX.
Would the replacement of plasma and platelets have an effect on how much iron is being removed; for better or for worse?
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2022.01.19 21:17 BusyWin9475 Brewster gyroid! Even though I do time travel, on my 50th visit to Brewster I saved and the next day he did give me his gyroid!

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2022.01.19 21:17 Resco809 Is a COE necessary for Chapter 31?

I’ve been under the impression that a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is only necessary for Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI-Bill), and not for Chapter 31 (VocRehab), but my school is asking for a COE even though I’m applying for Chapter 31.
Any thoughts?
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2022.01.19 21:17 CremeGreat Ghost movies like The Ring or Lake Mungo?

Looking movies like the above or Pulse. They’re some of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen and I don’t scare easily. Lake Mungo had me afraid of the dark for a few days and I had to keep pausing the Ring lol. Any more movies like these?
Insidious also scared me for what it’s worth, but mainly with the woman in the pictures, not as much the rest of the movie.
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2022.01.19 21:17 AggressiveCompany523 NBA Highlights - Warriors vs. Pistons! Splash Bros Combine for 39 Pts!

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2022.01.19 21:17 CleanEnergy951 DOWN HILL SPIRAL (make this image go viral!!!)

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2022.01.19 21:17 Patchrick09 Stowe 1/19

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2022.01.19 21:17 nicksnax Does Hot on the Trail work with Todt?

Title says it all. Will I get clues?
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2022.01.19 21:17 datguy030 Bolt v2 Strava segment "ahead" time

Does anyone know how exactly the "ahead" time works, and how accurate it is? I saw posts from many years ago for the Bolt v1 where the algorithm seems to be based on average speed, which is totally useless for segments where the grade isn't steady, but I haven't seen anything for the newer Bolt. I'm hoping that it somehow gets the time vs. location data from previous segment attempts on Strava, and just finds the difference between times across segments for these common GPS points.
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2022.01.19 21:17 PapaAquchala Really random question: what all do RWC showers and bathrooms provide?

I might start going in the mornings so knowing what to bring for showers would be helpful: what all would I need to bring to make sure I come out clean and not just rinsed? Soap, shampoo, towel, lock (to keep my stuff away while I work out), etc. Haven't had any time to actually go look in person so here I am
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2022.01.19 21:17 kayarewhy He no longer wants kids

I'm at a loss, I love my fiance dearly, we've had some ups and down but we've managed to get through some really bad times... but the last few months he's been more and more testy, he takes his depression out on me by arguing over minor things that turn into bigger arguments since I tend to not take crap from people when I know I don't deserve it. He was my best friend before we got together, he knew me better than myself most days. He got me through so many bad moments and was always there even when I didn't want him to lol
We came into this relationship wanting the same thing, we wanted a family and dreamed of teaching our kids stuff and all that. He finally tells me he doesn't want them any longer. He doesn't know if it's his current state of mine or if he will just never want the stress of children. It doesn't help that his one friend because a father in his late 30s (I believe his age is) was a massive gamer and talks about how much he misses his old life and wished he didnt have his child (still an infant.) When my fiance told me this I told him I didn't want to waste more years of my life being with someone who doesn't want kids. I don't want to resent him for not having kids, and I don't want to force him into it down the road and having him resent me... but a family is one thing I have always dreamed of and couldn't wait for, I couldn't wait to have a relationship like I do with my nieces and nephews, with my own child. I'm at such a loss because there is so much love, but this is kind of a deal breaker for me. All of this came up because of how he had been lately with depression and an argument where we spent the last few days discussing our relationship.
Does anyone have advice or been in the same situation... I am so lost right now. I love him, but I can't imagine my life without a kid unless it's for a medical reasoning.
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2022.01.19 21:17 salito82 What it looks like to win a standard weekend day

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2022.01.19 21:17 incognino123 Pleasantly surprised with episode 1 himyf

I had very low expectations based on what I'd read online and general reboots. Big fan of the original show, just rewatched himym in its entirety end of 2021. Watching himyf gave me himym vibes, and to be fair, the original show didn't really even hit its side until like the third season. So for a pilot, I think it's a great job so far
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2022.01.19 21:17 Ergoprxy Zebra background

Anyone know how to change the background of the zebras to a picture in the gallery that was previously taken?
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2022.01.19 21:17 Aggressive-Ad-642 Watch the stream Squash520 on twitch

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2022.01.19 21:17 miqa123 Help please

hello, i recently payed for a subscription and regretted it. So I sent an email to the support asking for a refund. They sent me an email saying "we have refunded it". Later i get an email saying it was voided. I waited for like 2 more days and money is still not back on my card. They told me voiding means it never left my account. but it did and it hasn't come back. I've never dealth wish a voided transaction before. Can someone help?
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2022.01.19 21:17 DetGordon I'm unfollow T1

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2022.01.19 21:17 Franky_1411 🤨

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2022.01.19 21:17 notshane1 Movies about getting over the fear of death?

Hi I’m looking for movies that make you feel better about death. The idea of death is insanely scary to me and I was wondering if there are any movies that will make me feel better about death or even help me get over the idea of dying lmk if u know any films like that
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