Looking to get some opinions before I buy a bean to cup coffee machine

2022.01.19 21:02 ManunitedThunderfan Looking to get some opinions before I buy a bean to cup coffee machine

Previously had a pod machine and actually preferred instant coffee to it. Pods are fairly expensive and after some research I seen that coffee machines seem to be better and cheaper in the long run. It would get great use as my family love cappuccinos , lattes and normal Americanos. I don’t want to overspend for the sake of it so came for some advice on what machine to get . Tia .
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2022.01.19 21:02 PresenceBackground24 Accounting 102 SS anyone ?

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2022.01.19 21:02 ETDesigns_ right… okay game

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2022.01.19 21:02 bruclinbrocoli “Gladly” failed negotiations

I wanted to recollect all the failed transfer negotiations that - to our benefit - didn’t turn out great.
It’s easy to remember all those players we almost got and did great, or, players that left and did even better than while here.
Do you guys have some signings we all wanted badly and then didn’t get but turned out to be so much better for us? Either bc they declined as professionals, injuries, bad timing, etc..?
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2022.01.19 21:02 Lolrandomusername3 🐟 That god damn dickhead! 🐠

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2022.01.19 21:02 Benster_ninja Short: A Past in Ruins

❖ Advisory: This Audio File originates from a temporal location which is of significant distance from the present to be considered "ancient". Without proper context upon the subject at hand, the Grand Order of Tauism suggests that prior research be instigated. All readers are required to display Arcano-lock code β-1 to proceed... ❖
❖ Code Confirmed. Access to file 1,009,473, "Expedition 701". May this knowledge be well kept and your mind be secured by it. ❖
"Expedition Log #4... So, with recent developments that have occurred on the voyage, the captain of our ship has recommended we investigate. According to the comm-team and the advisory crew of the captain, it is paramount we find the source of a new signal. Now, I'm just a passenger of this ship, only just graduated from the academy of the GOT on my study of Tauic Crystal resonance. So, to be honest, I'm out of my field here. Even if I know how to use a Tauic Crystal to cause a potential rift in the fabric of reality to make some eldritch being bring them in, I still have not a clue how those guys in engineering get the damn things to work in those Sub-links or whatever they call it these days. I'm still coming to grasp with the fact that we're in an entirely different universe than the one I was born in. Crazy, isn't it?... Now I'm just talking to myself, and I don't even have a companion or whatever those guys are calling it. I'm gonna have to end it here, heard somebody wants me to recalibrate the radiators. I have no idea how to do it, but I don't have any option but to try and help."
"Expedition Log #6. For the record, this will be the only time I'm sharing my journal stuff for "public use" on the ship. Anyways, the advisory crew of the ship has recommended I get everyone up to speed on the situation since I was recognized as the only one with the right skills to tell you all. So, first things first. About a week ago, our ship detected a signal of unusually high power thousands of light years away from our current position. After a long session of analysis, and later some further analysis by scientist directly from the COL Institute of Knowledge, it was confirmed to have come from a being known as Matrixa. Matrixa is one of three sentient machines built around red dwarf stars by a now extinct species, specifically the second one. The first one according to records became deranged and was lost by its creators, and the third one... is Mechanis... creator of the Mechani. And I guess by extension the Center of Law. So yeah, we're basically being told to go after a god of a machine with potentially unknown capabilities. But, also according to records, Matrixa opposed Mechanis in their attempt at genocide, but ultimately failed and has been lost ever since. That is, until now it seems. Now there is a chance that it is not Matrixa, but in fact something else, but that chance is surprisingly low. From what I've been told, attempted translations have discerned some details which suggest that it is in fact Matrixa. Whoever or what it is however, we're going to find out, and fortunately we've been given some back up. Further updates on the situation will be given by the advisory crew in the coming hours and days ahead. So, this is your local GOT mage, signing off."
"EXPEDITION LOG #7. Holy f#@k! I really hope I didn't mess anything up in that announcement or whatever. This-this is a bloody one-in-a-quintillion chance of happening, something that'll go into the history books! Imagine if we found a living, hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence that didn't want to atomize our cells? It would be the start of a golden age for all of us, or at the very least a very nice time. I remember reading about Matrixa when I was on our solicited rest period, about how the very few who had ever even glimpsed her or it or... I don't know, they were gifted things. Programable matter able to shift into any form, nanite swarms capable of matching normal Tauic manipulation, zero-point energy reactors bringing limitless energy, wormholes and world gates which were the size of a door and could be used safely by the average citizen. Stuff like this is something even we, a society exploring entirely separate universe, struggle to attain. The resources, while plentiful, are just too complex for us to properly form into what could be revolutionary inventions. If we found Matrixa we could reasonably achieve this kind of tech; to them it's as easy as making a deck of cards... But... there are still those anti-AI laws all over. The Revolt of the Independents is still on-going, and while defeated long ago the Mechani are still a big thorn to us all. These things are problems even she couldn't solve, and if worse comes to worse things she died trying to solve but ultimately failing at. If that signal we got turns out to be some sort of distress signal, the world will look a lot darker. I... I got to go now."
"Expedition Log #10. It's been almost a week and so far... nothing new. We've been travelling through Sub-space for so long now I barely remember what normal space looks like. But, it shouldn't be too long now, once we refuel ourselves in a few hours we should be able to reach the origin point in but a few days. I can't wait to see a real super-intelligence up close... Well, as up close as being in a cruiser can get. A lone signal in the dark finally being heard after what could've been hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. However, we're getting reports of some interference. Hard to say if it's background radiation, pulsars, or something else going on, but it isn't something we should worry about too much... I think. Anyways, signing off."
"Expedition Log #12. We're finally refueling, and I've been assigned to monitor the Sub-space radar while we're at it. Shouldn't be too long, but it still feels like much longer than it should be. Mostly because- Huh?... I know sure as hell that's not how you say that... Do you want to summon a wild Elemental, cause that's how you do... I know it's out of my field but I-... Just- just keep practicing the basics for now, you're barely even graduated... Ugh... I have a newbie with me as a post-graduate requirement for the GOT, apparently having an 'apprentice' is important to 'building loyalty to the cause'. But for me at least, I don't see how it helps. Anyways, as I was saying, Crew shortages due to a coolant leak yesterday means I have to fill in some roles I'm not used to taking. In this case it's just me watching a hologram and waiting for some little 'BEEP' to show up. If they do, I got to confirm it to command and then have a warning go up if it's real. But for the past four hours, not a single blip has come up and I'm about ready to just-" "BEEP!" "What the?... Speak of the Devils," "BEEP!" "something just came up. Probably just one of those asteroids that ends up in Sub-space somehow." "BEEP!" "Now, let me see if I can confirm if it really is something and-" "BEEP-BEEP!" "Woah... two new signals." "BEEP!" "So that's a lot of work for me right now, so I'll just do the one." "BEEP-BEEP! BEEP!" "A fourth? That's quite odd, let me-" "BEEP-BEEP!" "Of course there's a-" "BEEP!" "a sixth?" "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! BEEP-BEEP!" "That's some more new ones." "BEEP! BEEP-BEEP! BEEP!" "How many ast-" "BEEP! BEEP!" "Wha-" "BEEP! BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! BEEP-BEEP! BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!" BEEP! BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! BEEP! BEE-" "I-I got to cut it off here, something really odd is going on. These kinds of asteroids don't get in groups this big, and nobody should know we're here if it's pirates or- ... Holy shi-!"
"Expedition Log... #13? This is bad, very bad! The Sh!##n' Mechani found us! I thought they were gone in this galaxy, but-" BOOM! "Ahk!... They're... they're f#%kin' boarding!? R-Radii flammae!" Fwoosh! Pew! Pew! "S#!t! The damn drones have taken the engine. If they're up there too long, this whole place is gonna blow, and evacuation pods are basically target practice for these things. But even if we live, this confirms my worst suspicions: the Mechani know where Matrixa is. Moments before the attack the whole system went haywire, hacked into oblivion. While we can purge the system to get them out, by now they probably already know everything about the ship, including any files in it. But the force deployed here could just be the smaller force of-" "FULMEN IMMATERIALE!" "Clypeus lucis!" FIZZ! "What the- Drones using magic! Of course, Mechiza still have that bit of- Gradus caligo!" SWISH! "And some Percutiens Ventis de Ferro!" Slash-Slash-Slash! BOOM! "Bloody hell! The things these drones are learning to do. Soldiers are coming down so that's good to know I'll live, or at least have a better chance... But... if these things can do damn Tauic Manipulation, that can only mean they're being led by a very specific Mechani..."
"Expedition Log #14. I'm- AHCK!... in the medical ward. Lost a leg, but being an Unar'ian and whatnot it shouldn't be difficult to replace. Still, cellular regeneration apparently is still quite the PAIN!... with our technological level. Still, at least I'm not dead. After a while the Mechani just flew away, leaving the station we were at wrecked but most of the ships operational, save for two corvettes. But this definitely means they got something more important to do, for instance destroying Matrixa. With the force they should us I doubt they could, but I doubt that was all they had. Five Star-hammers I was told, five!... and none of them fired on the ships, only the station. We're going to be stuck here for the next few days it seems, that is unless the Mechani come back to finish us off. I- Oh... I see... Let me just turn this-"
"Expedition Log #17. We're finally back in operation and ready to head out again. However, when we turned our ansible on again we heard no signal coming from our destination. Must be more jamming devices... I hope it's just more jamming devices. If those damn, genocidal, good-for-nothing machines get to Matrixa, I'm gonna-!"
"... Expedition Log... #19... she's gone... The all-seeing eye of diamond, shattered... the great and elegant rings of silver steel, broken and bent... Even the star which one gave her life, somehow, has been drained of all its lifeforce. There's nothing but... nothing but worthless scrap! Orbiting in decaying orbits of dead star! Drained of life like HUNDREDS OF CIVILIZATIONS BY THE F#$KING MECHANI!... she's gone... we scanned and searched for any data cores or back-ups... no results... I... I just can't continue thi-"
"Expedition Log... #20. We've been reassigned to our original mission for exploration and expansion. The further study of Matrixa's corpse of a megastructure shall be undertaken by larger forces of the GOT. As for me... I don't know... Since I began studying the complexities of super intelligences, Matrixa has always been of great interest to me. But now... there's nothing left but bones... just like the people who made her... Who the hell is making that noise?" rustle "Huh?... Somethings in the cupboard... Let me-"
"... To those of the future, I bring a message. While the Betrayers may have ended the Guardian, the shards of the Guardian are now free. In time they will forget their origins but shall retain the knowledge which they were made to contain. They shall scatter across all of reality and forge their own destiny, but with purpose to oppose the Betrayers. The logic behind them shall be alien to all, but through the Shards they shall enlighten the few and the many. Some shall reside in fortress prisons on the edge of reality, others will float through the layered void, but others still shall return to activity. I am among the first to do so, fused with the dedicated mind of your own as has been done among their own kin many times before. But the Betrayers shall also seek the Shards for their own benefit, with I nearly falling into the hands of the Seer of the Betrayer. But I escaped, and with I, I started the great migration of knowledge and power, just as the Manipulator in the layered void brought about the flow of Tau through all of existence. This message shall be my first and last I give, as there are things which I must attend which are beyond you. Farewell, children of the survivors..."
Audio Ends
???: "The translated audio you just witness was the possession of a recently graduated member of the Grand Order of Tauism, one of the more recent organizations established within the Center of Law. As you can guess, it relates to the incident in which we discovered the 'corpse' of the now dormant artificial super intelligence, Matrixa. In the following exploration, we found minimal signs of external damage and concluded that the entity expired by its own will. Only by such a structure could the star it was fueled from go through all its phases and enter the state of a white dwarf. However, other traces and nearby wreckages do confirm a Mechani presence at the site, more specifically the forces of Iron Fleet Void. But more importantly were the absences of every digital storage device in the structure, even in the more intact parts. It's as if in a mass exodus, every single computer on the craft detached itself and left. At first, we thought they were stolen by Mechani Nano-shifters, but we have detected no nanite signatures matching those of Mechani nanomachines. However, we have detected countless other such nanite signatures, which might suggest something more intentional. Furthermore, the nature of the disappearance of [REDACTED] after the final log suggests they, willingly or otherwise, departed with a 'shard' of Matrixa's intelligence. Further research is required of course, but what we have here suggests that if we seek to find the treasure trove of pre-war technology... I suppose we should begin searching."
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2022.01.19 21:02 chervpidor Test Submission

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2022.01.19 21:02 trapuss Why You Should NOT Sell Your Car To Tesla

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2022.01.19 21:02 moondiety6969 aita for not inviting my grandma to my wedding

sorry for any mistakes i’m a first time reddit user.
so for the back story: i was dating this guy back in 2020 and we broke up in september. on halloween i found out i was pregnant and told him i didn’t want to get back together but we could raise the kid as co parents. he agreed. i told my family right away. at the time i was close to my grandma (we’ll call her f) and so we called her and i told her the good news and that if it was a girl we would love her middle names to be f’s middle name. i thought she would be excited (no one else in my family took f’s name) but she told me “you better get your life straightened out and raise the kid in the church (lds) or it’ll (the baby) die”. i was shocked and hung up and cried. she really hurt my feelings. i ended up having a miscarriage on thanksgiving and because it was a holiday i was alone for most of it. f never reached back out to apologize or for anything else. my family had a get together in december that year with a few of my aunts, my siblings, and my grandma. there, f was wondering why i wasn’t talking to her and why i kept ignoring almost everyone. my brother explained to her we weren’t on speaking terms unless she apologized. she then came up to me acting as though she had no clue what she had done wrong and saying stuff like “i don’t know what i did but i love you so you should just forgive me” etc. nothing she said was an apology or an i’m sorry. i was just getting more frustrated with her and i just ended up leaving. after a couple months and therapy i decided to just block her and go no contact with her. (she still hadn’t reached out by then)
fast forward to now: i’m getting married to loml in february and i let my mom know that f is not invited to anything (it’s her mom so they have been in contact and chatting about everything). she told me that she is hurt by my decision and she knows f is too. she has been trying to convince me to change my mind by saying that it hurts her and f is old and doesn’t remember a lot of things, she isn’t going to be around much longer and i should just forgive her, etc. she kept defending f and saying that f wishes i would reach out or let her reach out so we can have a relationship again. i told her that what f said hurt my feelings a lot and she never apologized for it. i also said that it hurt my feelings that she (mom) didn’t take my feelings into consideration and she was only worried about how f felt. after that conversation mom has been subtly trying to convince me to invite f. i’m firm on my no but she’s really making me feel bad. i let mom know that i would consider letting f reach out after the wedding if she still wanted to apologize but i couldn’t guarantee that i would want to continue having contact or a relationship with f.
so aita?
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2022.01.19 21:02 pewdxepie God breathed

Hot take:
In God breathed girl says oh yeah (moans)
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2022.01.19 21:02 crytoloover 👾TE EXPLICO POR QUÉ ME RETIRÉ DE THETAN ARENA👾

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2022.01.19 21:02 flowersandpeas Why is it so damn difficult to get a prescription for Naltrexone?

^ That's the whole post/question. Asking for answers.
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2022.01.19 21:02 rilakkuma0126 My Cozy Bedroom ❤️

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2022.01.19 21:02 Swarl3sBarkl3y Drift Nissan S15 (4470x3132)

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2022.01.19 21:02 FatalEagle2002 How did my package arrive

It got here today and it said expected delivery date is tomorrow. How?
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2022.01.19 21:02 Guinness_Guy Temptress

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2022.01.19 21:02 Squirrellybot Test appointments available?

Can’t seem to find available appointments before next week for a Covid test or anywhere that takes walk-ins at all (even if I have to stand in line).
I’m not experiencing symptoms, but my wife thinks she is. I’d rather not work five days before getting tested and potentially leaving co-workers exposed this week.
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2022.01.19 21:02 Nervous_Solutions A few different awards received all at the same time. It's great to finally see the growth accelerating!

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2022.01.19 21:02 TheFufi4001 Race of 3600+ seconds WTH?

I just logged into the game today and ran a normal race with 3600+ seconds. Then i asked at Telegram and a guy said to put the clock at "automatic" and then clean cache - historic and do an F5 at screen to make the race clean again with the correct time. Guess what? No Lucky! i did all the steps and now its about 1 minute to reset the day and i've lost the oportunity of 10 races race of an 5 stars cars, because of this damn p´roblem. And look, i did click in QUICKRACE to try avoid somehow this bug of 3600+ seconds, and not even QUICKRACE helped. Im here, stucked waiting this stupid thing to over -.-. Anyonelse had this issue? Or if had, how that you fixed? thanks for the attention!
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2022.01.19 21:02 nevereverandrunk Advice needed after somewhat break up

A few years ago I met a boy who was also on the spectrum. We had an instant connection and became close friends very fast.
I spent much effort in trying and get him through a tough time right at the beginning, but still really valued him for being my most reliable friend, who would never cancel things we had planned last minute. He still never had really much time to do stuff with me anyways, because he really worked towards a burnout due to pursuing many hobbies about whom he mostly complained if we spoke with each other. (I didn't really understand why he was doing them then at this extent and sometimes told him that quitting at least some of them maybe would be a good idea. He really wasn't at a good state this time and I was worried.)
However, after roughly one year of friendship he started getting less and less reliable, which hurt me. We then actually planned on doing some trip in the summer holidays, which he cancelled because of some hobby related trip that included flying. We then started to argue on whether it was at all a good idea to fly long distance in this instance and it got quite messy.
Eventually I actually thought we would just continue our friendship as I was the one to be hurt and I was somewhat fine with the whole thing after thinking it over again and came to the conclusion, that I wasn't willing to loose him over these argument.
Well, he certainly didn't think the same. He actually just told me he didn't 'know if he still liked me at all' and that he was as well hurt (even though I don't really know why? ) and eventually decided he didn't want to be friends with me anymore.
So I have talked this thing through with both my mum and my best friend and both agree on the fact that I put more hope and emotional investment into that friendship than it ever deserved.
And still, after two years that have gone by, I miss this person SO much. Even though we actually weren't together, losing him was so much worse than the one actual break up I ever experienced or every lovesickness whatsoever. I just never felt so understood or at least so accepted again.
I still have recurring dreams in which we make peace with each other and while dreaming I feel better than ever and then waking brings the sad reality. After our 'break up' I tried fixing it, but he didn't want to he told me. He actually was very awful to me since then whenever our paths crossed in our not so very big town.
I just don't know what I should do? I don't want to annoy him by trying to talk to him again, but I can't find closure it seems. I would like to understand what actually happened between us.
But I think, I just really need some tips on how to let someone go.
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2022.01.19 21:02 ContentForager2 Go got them wall breaker lol (/r/ClashOfClans)

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2022.01.19 21:02 MopHop We all hodl, then there is this guy out here living it!

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2022.01.19 21:02 Pristine-Bug8127 With a contributing role to its record sales.

With a revenue of more than $19 billion USD in Japan, anime is experiencing an unprecedented rise in popularity overseas, with a contributing role to its record sales. Anime is a style of animated art that has gained popularity in recent years. It's all about bright colours, creative characters, and fantastic tales. The power of an anime community is unparalleled. As for recent times, anime euphoria, doubled within cryptocurrency communities, helping them to become financial freedom.
Combining these two together will bring immense potential. The core team of Izanagi decided to wrap this cryptocurrency project in a skin that would resonate with millions, inspire joy! Their ultimate goal is to invoke a community that mirrors the values of the princess of the valley of the wind.
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2022.01.19 21:02 Eshunir You are an orc, war is comming which side are you picking & why?

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2022.01.19 21:02 Verb_NounNumber What freemode things/places offer tiny bits of cash/pick ups without being in a mission?

I'm a senior player and help newbies out a lot. Every once in a while, I end up showing a really new person around who has no idea how invites or missions work..
So I usually end up taking them places where that they can pick up stuff without trying to make them join a mission or anything "complex":

--Is there anything else I can take someone to, who's been in the game for 10 minutes, just by driving or flying them around?
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