2021 MZ 3 Hatchback

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2021.12.08 20:22 ksinai 2021 MZ 3 Hatchback

Okay guys… I made a previous post regarding this issue but I wanted to ask the community again to see if there are any other thoughts on this issue/annoyance
2021 3 Premium Hatch has been making an awful squeak noise from the brakes. I can’t isolate whether is the front, rear, or both but anyways it’s definitely gotten progressively worse. I have 3,600 miles on the clock and I thought maybe the brakes were just new and needed time to break in. Fast forward to today, and the brakes were squeaking/squealing at both low and higher speeds. Almost feels as if the brakes might be dragging. I’m don’t heavily brake often as well. I just wanted to see if anybody w/ a gen4 Mazda 3 has had a similar experience. I’m scheduled to take the car in on Saturday morning to have it looked at, but wanted to see if anybody has any sort of insight or previous experiences of such.
Thanks in advance! 😄
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2021.12.08 20:22 Th3Flash Is turkey bad for gout?

New to gout. Changing my diet but it’s a bit hard to get information. Is turkey bad for gout, and mushrooms?
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2021.12.08 20:22 puppiguppi Is the lighting on my Paperwhite Gen 11 uneven?

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2021.12.08 20:22 tysmily SLPT: Max out all your credit cards and redeem the points you earned on free flights before they report you for non-payment.

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2021.12.08 20:22 Ok_Blackberry2123 Any tips for 100 pushup challenge for 30 days?

Already started, I was able to do 30 35 20 15.
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2021.12.08 20:22 John9tv Change "use object" so you can have different keybinds

Even with the new agent specific keybinds the "F" key still overlaps with a lot of abilities. You use it for the ropes and taking ultimate orbs but at the same time also when taking back your smokes/tripwires etc.
It would be nice if another keybind would be created for agents taking back their own utility like Viper, Astra, Cypher, etc. so you don't end up accidentally taking back a smoke when you try to use the ropes and so on.
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2021.12.08 20:22 P-for_Paloma Found at a local Walgreens

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2021.12.08 20:22 Admiral-Galt Potatoes for the Blood Sugar-Conscious Individual

I read this Harvard article that threw me off. It says:
> [Potatoes] are high in the type of carbohydrate that the body digests rapidly, causing blood sugar and insulin to surge and then dip (in scientific terms, they have a high glycemic load)
This doesn't make sense since from my understanding based on what I've read online and Reddit, potatoes are good since they are complex carbs and complex carbs do not spike insulin. Upon further investigation, that is not necessarily the case. Here are the main points:

  1. The article bases its claim on a measurement called the Glycemic Index. It is a measurement of the impact of food on blood sugar (glucose). The faster a food is broken down, the more rapid the increase in glucose levels.
  2. The article claims are correct as many potatoes00004-0/fulltext#articleInformation) in the US do have a high glycemic index.
  3. The article gives a general overview of potatoes and does not make distinctions between types.
  4. Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index compared to others. 48 vs 70 in this article but other articles have varying indices.
  5. The cooking method affects glycemic index, particularly boiling which significantly decreases that index.
So what does this mean for us blood sugar-conscious fitness folks? Sweet potatoes are a good source of carbs as they:
  1. Complex carbs
  2. They impact blood sugar less than other types of potatoes
  3. Boiling them makes that impact even less (like when making mashed potatoes)
Fernandes, G., Velangi, A., & Wolever, T. M. S. (2005). Glycemic index of potatoes commonly consumed in North America. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 105(4), 557–562. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jada.2005.01.003
Bahado-Singh, P. S., Riley, C. K., Wheatley, A. O., & Lowe, H. I. (2011). Relationship between processing method and the glycemic indices of ten sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) cultivars commonly consumed in Jamaica. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2011, 1–6. https://doi.org/10.1155/2011/584832
D J Jenkins, T M Wolever, R H Taylor, H Barker, H Fielden, J M Baldwin, A C Bowling, H C Newman, A L Jenkins, D V Goff, Glycemic index of foods: a physiological basis for carbohydrate exchange, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 34, Issue 3, March 1981, Pages 362–366, https://doi.org/10.1093/ajcn/34.3.362
TLDR: If you care about blood sugar, sweet potatoes are a good carb source. Consider boiling them like when making mashed potatoes.
Tip: Google scholar has a feature that allows you to download pdfs of pay walled articles. You'll see it when you search for something.
Disclaimer: Please DYOR. I'm just a nerd lol
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2021.12.08 20:22 Glass_Sea_2427 Thoughts on the Sidearm Pistol? I haven't seen it talked about once and thought I'd make a post about it

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2021.12.08 20:22 Fun-Assistance-5635 Got ‘em

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2021.12.08 20:22 HereToWinNOW The Zion conversation was so cringe

I love when the show talks about these types of things, especially considering Zion could be a top-5 talent in the NBA if he was available to play. But the discourse today was just brutal to listen to.
If you went outside and played basketball at 6’6” 250 every day, you would last SIGNIFICANTLY longer than if you were 6’6” 330. We have seen in sports players break down when their weight increases. Just look at what happened to James Harden last year, his weight increase made an injury that much more possible.
Joel Embiid had this issue early in his career where his weight mattered when it came to being overly tired and a greater possibility for meniscus and other knee injuries.
To be a successful sports player, your weight is a MAJOR decider in how long you will last, and we should be allowed to call our a player for not taking it seriously considering it is their job.
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2021.12.08 20:22 Markanglonglover Walked into my local store and picked these up for $240. I was absolutely stunned. Asheville, NC

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2021.12.08 20:22 Mysterious_Slide8982 Heyy

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2021.12.08 20:22 joeycroft Libre2 Reader & Iphone. I want to disable all alarms completely on iphone or start my next sensor with the reader, which I think will disable alarms on the iPhone please confirm…

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2021.12.08 20:22 Hawksteinman I’ve had to stick my wheel to the desk with Sellotape

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2021.12.08 20:22 JCFalkenberglll Captured rare French YS 2. Only one example produced. 1940

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2021.12.08 20:22 NickelodeonToyRun Ms Mona

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2021.12.08 20:22 AttitudeBeautiful996 Wtf is going on here I mean it’s not that the title changed it’s that I CANT PLAY THE FSME EVEN WITH ALL THE DATA PACKS INSTALLED

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2021.12.08 20:22 doom_style Just because you *acknowledge* that it’s masturbatory garbage doesn’t make it clever (Crossover 10)

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2021.12.08 20:22 dee_snutz Blaaaaaaaarrrr!

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2021.12.08 20:22 ApeswapAsh SS-IAO: Elocoin Discussion

Project SS-IAO Name: Elocoin
Project SS-IAO Submission Date: 7th December 2021
At ApeSwap we have developed a flagging system - 🔴 🟡 🟢
We give red and yellow flags for our findings. Red flags depict crucial issues that shows dishonesty of a project or a clear breach of best practices and security. Yellow flags denote things that are concerning, but are not as mission critical and maybe you can "close one eye" to if there are not many and no red flags. Green means it passes in your opinion!
We want these posts to be engaging, and will have apes chiming in on what they see. Any “core” moderator comments should NEVER be treated as an endorsement at any time, moderators like to ape in too! So take a stab and assign some flags to the items below!
With that, we turn it to you. We want Apes young and old to be safe in the ApeSwap Jungle. Here are some of the things that we want YOU to check.
1. Audit - SAFU
A) Who is the auditor? ApeSwap's preferred auditors are HashEx and Paladin.
B) What was the scope of the audit? Be sure to check if all smart contracts of the project are audited, i.e. yield farm can audit their token contract but not farm/pool contracts which doesn't make them safe enough.
C) Are all issues solved? The project can have an audit with unsolved issues.
D) Is the audit report coming from a trusted source? Be sure to check the report on the auditor's official media channels. Don't trust basic pdfs since they can be forged.
2. Tokenomics - This one can be tricky.
A) Do allocations make sense? Usually it's a smart thing to check the amount of tokens that will be distributed to different departments of the project (devs, team, marketing, etc.) and to investors of the project (IDO, private investors, presale, etc.).
B) Did the project already distribute tokens? For SSIAOs, this can't be easily verified. If the project already sends tokens to its investors, there will be a smart soult who will add liquidity before time and it would mess up the initial price of the token (it happened with an IAO before). Bypass here is to have tokens distributed to smart contracts that own allocation of tokens according to tokenomics, but not many projects do this complicated step.
C) Did you verify everything on chain with the explorer? Trust but verify. Head over to BSCscan to verify that holders match declared tokenomics.
D) How much liquidity will they add? More = better. If there is more liquidity, the price impact will be less and trading experience will be smoother.
3. Vesting - Releasing the tokens over a predetermined amount of time.
A) Does the project have a vesting schedule? Bare minimum of each project should be vesting the team's tokens. This tells us that they are invested in the project for a long time. Great projects have vesting of almost all tokens. Longer = better.
B) Is the vesting done by a vesting provider? There are providers that you can use for vesting of tokens. Usually those providers give you a link where you can check the address of a vesting contract and the amount of tokens vested. You could also verify this on the chain explorer under holders.
The purpose of these threads is for YOU Apes to discuss the project before the token sale goes live. We want our jungle to be SAFU, therefore help each other by using the coloured circles provided and comment on any findings which you feel are important for other Apes to know.
Self-Serve IAOs are not ApeSwap endorsed - Always DYOR
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2021.12.08 20:22 bfgbc80 What to do when police unintentionally reveal someone's address in an intervention order case?

So I'm the respondent in application for an intervention order and the police documentation has unintentionally revealed the current address of the person lodging the complaint. The police redacted the address with a texta, photocopied the original document and gave me a copy, but when holding the document up to the light, the redacted address becomes legible. What should I do about this? Should I tell the police? Should I save it for court and get a lawyer to use this information in some way (if the matter goes to court)? Should I completely ignore this? I've even heard of such cases being reported in the media.
Any insights or past experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2021.12.08 20:22 procryptoclass Legendary Dragon Rich Club a copy cat of crypto champions NFT scam rug pull

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2021.12.08 20:22 Not-Reddit49 Did the President of Ukraine become president on accident?

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2021.12.08 20:22 LIATHEROX Trading mm2,adopt me and overbay stuff for rhd/rhi! Maybe even a halo! Btw also looking for new peppermint mint set! And I have parrot in adopt me

Here’s the link! https://www.reddit.com/useLIATHEROX/comments/rc1hmp/first_mm2adopt_meoverbay_more_than_a_page/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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