The prodigal son will return.

Simpson Weather Associates (SWA) was established in 1974 and incorporated in 1980. Originally founded to deal with fundamental and applied problems in meteorology, SWA's environmental consulting has expanded to include areas in airborne- and space-based Doppler wind Lidar applications, air quality modeling and monitoring, fugitive emissions control, and specialized field measurements, software ... The official site, the home of your favorite shows like Sam and Cat, iCarly, Victorious, and all things music on TeenNick Top 10. Explore Now! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. is recommended by: USA Today Hot Site, AOL, Yahooligans, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), The Yuckiest site on the Web,, Yahoo Australia/New Zealand, TV Cable Hebdo, Micro Hebdo, Sites web 2000 (Microsoft press), Broadcast Magazine, Berit's best sites for kids, Lycos, Cybersurfari,, Guide-Internet, 100Hot (the web popularity guide), GameLog, The Web ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. CAF - Bienvenue A woman was arrested for allegedly killing her three-month-old daughter. The accused's son, who had helped in disposing of the body, was also nabbed by the police. La información contenida en esta página electrónica está protegida por las leyes y tratados internacionales en materia de Derecho de Autor de los que México sea parte. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.10.27 16:58 Ok-Highlight5411 The prodigal son will return.

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2021.10.27 16:58 AshleyMeyer77 Tori Amos on New Album Ocean to Ocean and Reconnecting with Little Earthquakes

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2021.10.27 16:58 Jimbob_fisher Can someone hook me up:)

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2021.10.27 16:58 MotorEmploy9832 Bake Element for my old Modern Maid wall oven

I can't seem to find a replacement I think it's from 1973, the model number is QCO45O, the O's might be 0's I'm not sure. the closest I came was Modern Maid DCO450 Bake Element - Genuine OEM It looks exactly the same. Do you think it would work in my oven
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2021.10.27 16:58 FudgeRubDown My job found out we're trying to unionize

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2021.10.27 16:58 Cynophilis ESG, Carbon Capture, Algae, And Synthetic Biodegradable Plastics

If you are looking for an ESG stock with huge potential to share up the petroleum and plastic’s industry, WHILE ALSO capturing carbon from industrial smoke stacks, you’ve got to check out $POND.V which is in revenue stage already and signing more contracts. Only a $18mm market cap with 47mm shares outstanding.
The biggest issue facing the conversion of oil based, non-biodegradable plastics to clear algae synthetic plastics, is the cost of feed…. MEET $POND.C / $PNDHF. They install algae tanks on smoke stacks where they capture carbon. Companies are obviously now being heavily penalized for carbon emissions. POND collects revenue on these contracts which produce Algae that POND then sells for manufactures in plant based foods, animal feed, plastics, etc. It is really revolutional!
This is a cool video explaining the process of algae based synthetic plastics. Knowing a bit about Pond Technologies’ process and how they can help, I see an easy way for them to close this gap of low cost feedstock for the synthetic plastics industry.
POND Achieved GMP certification today for it’s algae ( and will be selling their algae product to the cosmetics industry too ( )
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2021.10.27 16:58 Garage_Classic Join☀️ r/lorenasndrs/

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2021.10.27 16:58 DonChiino The Shining “maybe he should be taken to a doctor” scene

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2021.10.27 16:58 tevulo aren't they looking good ❤️

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2021.10.27 16:58 Prof_Chimpzilla How many of the safemoon army are actually to dumb to invest?

“If I have ‘X’ amount of tokens what price to be millionaire?” - reddit members making noise for the sake of it (2021)
BTW, remember that you learn how to multiply in primary school.
Time to unfollow the page again by the looks 👍
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2021.10.27 16:58 teemohbrenoh The World of Nikocado Avocado

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2021.10.27 16:58 Shotgun917 Animated Atrocities: The Legend of Korra Book 1

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2021.10.27 16:58 Expensive_Nobody1234 This was a home run for the opponent

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2021.10.27 16:58 unluckykata Tartaglia/Scaramouche/Traveler's potential future?

So, after the third part of the Labyrinth Warriors event was released, we can safely say that Scaramouche has indeed ran off with the gnosis of Ei and locating him is the reason as to why Childe was in Inazuma at the first place. Based on Childe's final words to the traveler though, we can also assume certain things regarding to the future storyline. I will include his exact words below:
I'll let the Gnosis run for a while longer. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you discover its whereabouts. When that time comes, Traveler, what will you choose to do? And where is your final destination?
Now let's analyze that: The first sentence indicates that for now, he will stop searching for his whereabouts as he got nothing out of his trip to Inazuma. No doubts here.
The second sentence is where the real interpretation begins for me. First of all, assuming Mihoyo uses his words to forshadow the future events, we can tell that the traveler will ran into Scaramouche at some point in the story, most likely before or during Sumeru. Otherwise, why even bother to use Scaramouche running away from the Fatui with the gnosis as a plot device?
The last two sentences of Childe's quote though are even more questionable for me. He is talking about the traveler's choice and final destination. Starting with the choice, we need to consider what possible choices the traveler could have upon meeting with Scaramouche. To me it seems like Scaramouche is a very powerful individual, something that Yae Miko hinted to us when she explained his relation to Ei. Another thing that was hinted from the Labyrinth Warriors event, is that Childe is excepetionally strong as well, more so than the traveler. Thing is though, when comparing Childe and Scaramouche, we can't be sure who'd be the strongest one, but what we can tell easily is that the traveler would not be able to win a duel versus Scaramouche. With these assumptions out of the way, we can consider the possible ways the story would unfold:
Let's say the traveler meets Scaramouche and choosing to fight him would be suicide. What could they do? This is where the first choice comes in hand. They can choose to fight him, which honestly makes no sense as not only will he overpower them, but also the traveler seemed very reluctant to involve themselves into the whole Inazuma mess. Traveler is also (for the most part) a logical thinker, meaning that they wouldn't jump into danger for no reason like that UNLESS, their impulse takes over. Scaramouche was heavily invovled in Teppei's death and for all we know, the traveler could be copying with that still. Thing is though, the traveler did duel Signora in the previous arc for revenge purposes, and it happening again would be far too cliche so Imma go ahead and say Traveler vs Scaramouche should not be a thing.
This means that in order for the traveler to win versus him, they could use help and whose better at aiding them than Childe, the one person they know who actually does care enough to go against another Harbinger as it is basically his job. So the way I see it, traveler SOMEHOW gets in touch with Childe, perhaps they are both following Scaramouche's trails and they randomly meet, but either way, it ends up being Childe and Traveler vs Scaramouche which is more fair and a chance the traveler would be more willing to take. This concludes the first possible scenario, with the first choice the traveler has to make being trusting Childe and relyin on him. (side note: Like I said, the traveler doesn't seem to care too much about Archons' business, but considering the bad blood between them and Scara, and the fact that Childe lowkey asked for their help, it seems to me as if that'd be the reason for the traveler's dilemma, to tell on Scara or not to tell)
Supposing the Traveler and Childe win in whatever way, the traveler has to make yet another choice: To entrust Childe with the gnosis, or to go against him once again. This would be the bigger choice the traveler would have to make, as aiding Childe would essentially mean aiding the Fatui and actively choosing a side into the whole Tsartisa vs Celestia thing. But thinking about it reasonably, if the traveler didn't choose to give the gnosis to Childe, what could they possibly do with it? Keep it? What for? The traveler wants to find their lost sibling and would only involve themselves into other peoples' business if they feel empathetic enough. Gnosis would be useless to them. Returning it to Ei/Yae? What for? Neither of them seemed to care enough about it so once again, no point in doing that. Thus, the only reasonable choice to make would be to actually entrust it to Childe, a person who does need the gnosis for Tsaritsa and could put it to some use, even if the traveler isn't 100% sold on him yet and doesn't really like the Fatui either.
In my opinion, this choice is the choice Childe refers to and why he seemed so vague and distant yet hopeful during his last scene. He wants the traveler to trust him and to join him, as he considers the traveler someone worthy of his time and respect as his comrade, but he also knows that the traveler would have to weight things and make a final choice, which won't be an easy leap of faith to make.
And this is where the final destination comes in: What will the traveler do in the end? They are from another world and their goal is to find their missing sibling. Supposedly, traveling throughout Teyvat will give them the answers and so we can safely assume that the traveler will visit every single nation. We even know how the trip is scheduled, with Snezhnaya being the final actual region the traveler visits, which in my opinion holds great importance. The final destination is Snezhnaya because, the traveler will eventually join Childe and Tsaritsa. I can't tell what will happen in the future regions to convince them too, but Snezhnaya being last, followed by Khaenriah means that the Tsaritsa will obtain all of the gnosis and will finally have her rebellion. Now one could easily argue that the traveler might as well go to Snezhnaya last because they want to stop the rebellion, but I feel like final destination hints to endgame, and Snezhnaya being that plus Childe being the one to bring this up in the first place, must have some importance.
To Sum everything up: Traveler will have to make two choices, the first being whether to contact Childe or not and the second being whether to entrust him the gnosis or not. This is the so called "choice" they have to make. The final destination, if we take it literally, is Snezhnaya, perhaps hinting at the traveler joining forces with Tsaritsa at the end of their trip. Metaphorically, it could indicate that the final destination, the final choice the traveler makes and their "endgame alliance" is with the Tsaritsa. The opposite could be true but then we wouldn't be exactly talking about foreshadowing, but about dramatic irony.

(A few final notes:
1) I am well aware of the death flags surrounding Childe, but I don't think he will die. Tartaglia, being one of the commedia dell arte characters, is oftentime part of the innamorati (the lovers). According to info I have extracted from Wikipedia which isn't always super reliable though, the innamorati always pull through no matter the hardships and make it to the endgame. I don't think Mihoyo would pick a character to end up with the traveler in a romantic sense of the way, even if heavy hinting occurs, but platonically, I think Tartaglia's name is no mistake and it hints to him being the traveler's endgame choice, as in ending up trusting him and joining forces with the Fatui. For that to happen, it means that Childe will not die in the Scaramouche duel and that he will be very much alive at least up until the Snezhnaya arc.
2) I know that I never mentioned the scenario of Scaramouche being the winner of the fight, and that's because I can't possibly tell how they'd let this plot unfold. Say he wins, I doubt he'd be merciful enough to spare the traveler and Childe, meaning that either both of them die (impossible) or Childe indeed dies which kind of goes against my previous point. Scaramouche winning doesn't seem likely so either he has a change of heart for whatever reason or he flees away, with the gnosis or not.
All of this is just my theory which I tried to base off the future chapters, indications and foreshadowing we got from the event thus far.)
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2021.10.27 16:58 mfats123 Coinbase

Good News - It looks like coin base recognized the whale that was auto trading and stopped it from happening.
Bad News - The way they stopped it was by preventing SHIB from being traded by anyone on coinbase 😑
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2021.10.27 16:58 OPCMG [FREE] Pierre Bourne x Playboi Carti Type Beat 2021 "SLIMED" | Free Young Nudy Type Beat

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2021.10.27 16:58 d-clarence The Boys and Gals of Fireteam Aegis, my personal little unit for SP/COOP stuff I run for fun.

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2021.10.27 16:58 lil_potato_crisp Looking for a lv 6 alliance I'm focused on the race currently but once it's over I will contribute as much as I can

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2021.10.27 16:58 hackadaybot Heavy Metal Lathe Build Doesn’t Spare the Steel

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2021.10.27 16:58 luixiuno Typewriter Comparison Help

Can someone gather me a full image with Olympia typewriters from sm7 to sm9 or whatever's after sm9, I got an Olympia typewriter but I don't know the model, and cIant lift it or anything since its heavy as H**l
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2021.10.27 16:58 CubaLibre27 The best perfumes that actually smell like baked goods?

What are the best perfumes for women that smell like custard donuts, butter cookies and similar?
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2021.10.27 16:58 serenaTcat Rare Yuggler has arrived! Also sneaky little teaser for My Singing Monsters Playground...

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2021.10.27 16:58 tahaalkn25 .

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2021.10.27 16:58 VertyThe Few days ago, I made a post that I needed help finding the last location to get the 'Hermes' Homie' achievment. No guide (as far as I know/remember) has shown this location that I've been missing this entire time!

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2021.10.27 16:58 Oreozx First Strike was True bonus dmg Lol

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