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Cresco Citrus Daydream Caviar

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2021.10.27 16:46 2hogwild No new taxes on the richest.

House Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard Neal said Democrats will no longer pursue a proposal to enact a billionaire tax on the unrealized investment gains of the wealthiest Americans. From Fox News.
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2021.10.27 16:46 Sweetbug33 Over reacting or over thinking it?

My boyfriend always texts good morning and sometimes we text thru the day. We basically live together but we still do that. Today he didn’t text at all and it’s 4 and I still haven’t heard from him. I have a anxious attachment style so I’m def stressing about it but I haven’t reached out but I can’t help to start thinking someone else is getting his attention or he’s losing interest .
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2021.10.27 16:46 Kampot8 [PC][2000-2010?]I am looking for an old game from 2000-2010.

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action, rpg?
You can choose one of several characters (I remember that there was an angel who could heal). Unselected characters become your companions. Completed levels are flooded with lava. The final boss is a huge demon.
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2021.10.27 16:46 eazybreezyy-_- could the absence of pat pete be beneficial to breeland?

pat pete has been great for us which means breeland has been targeted a lot. now with him out, teams will likely try to pick on dantzler which could be beneficial to breeland. if dantzler can hold his own, which he’s definitely capable of, i can see our secondary improving in the time peterson is on IR and taking off like we expected them to before the season when he comes back.
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Anyone else having problems trying to join a tricks battle?
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2021.10.27 16:46 jcampo13 Reggie Miller's case (or lack of) to make the All-Star game each year from 1990-2002

There was a topic posted today saying Reggie Miller was snubbed from being a 10 time all-star but basically gave zero evidence of that. I decided to make an actual detailed post stating his case (or lack thereof) each year he didn't make the all-star game over a 13 year span.
I'll go through each year from 1990 to 2002 to determine each year if he should have made it and who he should have replaced if he didn't. Pre-1990 Miller has zero case to be an all-star and same goes for post-2002.

1990 All-star game: Miller made it and deserved it. This was the most prolific scoring season of his entire career.

1991: Didn't make it. East guards were Jordan, Dumars, Ricky Pierce, Hersey Hawkins, Alvin Roberson, and Isiah Thomas. Let's go through these options one by one.
Michael Jordan: No debate here, this was arguably Jordan's best season.
Joe Dumars: Was on a much more successful team than Miller (50 wins versus 41). Miller scored more and more efficiently and the advanced stats all favor Miller. However Dumars was a substantially better defender and made the all-defensive 2nd team. I'll call it a tie overall.
Ricky Pierce: This was his only career all-star selection. He was still playing for Milwaukee at this point but would soon get traded to Seattle. Pierce was a substantially better scorer per 36 minutes and was on a better performing team. The advanced stats are mixed here, Pierce had a better PER and Miller was better in other stats. Overall I think Miller deserved the nod but it's close.
Hersey Hawkins: This was also his only all-star appearance. A much better defensive player than Miller but I think the difference in offense is enough that Miller deserved the nod here as a reserve.
Alvin Robertson: He led the league in steals and made the all-defensive first team. On the other hand his scoring was just nowhere near Miller's but he was a much better rebounder and passer. This is the type of choice that made sense for the league back then but considering what we value now, a difference choice would've been made. Robertson also actually had a superior BPM but worse win shares. I think this was a solid choice.
Isiah Thomas: Besides passing had a pretty bad season and was injured by the all-star game to boot. He had no business being on the team, and Miller deserved the spot here as a reserve. But there was no injury replacement for him.
Overall 1991: Miller got snubbed and deserved to be a reserve.

1992: Miller did not make the all-star game. The Eastern guards who made it were Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Michael Adams (injury replacement), Joe Dumars, and Mark Price.
Isiah Thomas: At this point in his career, Thomas was a legacy pick and had no business being in the all-star game. He was riding on his 80s laurels, none of the stats support him being a star level player and he wasn't even a top 2 player on his own team. Rodman and Dumars were substantially better.
Michael Adams: His only all-star season despite being a much better player the previous year. His team was terrible, the Bullets only won 25 games. He was a superior creator but much less efficient overall. I don't think Adams should've been an all-star.
Michael Jordan: I really don't need to say anything here.
Joe Dumars: His stats across the board are inferior to Miller's but he made the all-defense 1st team. The Pistons were still a successful team at this point but the narrative was still that the success was due to the guards rather than the obvious in hindsight fact that Rodman was by far the best player on the Pistons by now. I'll give Dumars the spot here but I am iffy about it.
Mark Price: Mark Price was better across the board here. His efficiency rivaled Miller's but Mark Price was also an excellent creator. A severely underrated player overall, Mark Price deserved to start the All-Star game next to Jordan.
Overall: So you will note that I said Isiah Thomas and Michael Adams didn't deserve to be all-stars in 1992 but I don't think Miller deserved to be the replacement. Mark Jackson was another perpetually underrated player throughout his career and put up a great season with 8.6 assists per game as the primary creator for a Knicks team that took the Bulls to 7 games. The other replacement for me would be Miller's own backcourt teammate Micheal Williams. This might sound like a bit of a deep dive considering Williams never made an all-star team but in 1992 he was 2nd team all-defense, 2nd in steals per game, 8th in assists, and had superior advanced stats in VORP and BPM compared to Miller. 1992 was a bit of a down year for Miller overall with almost all of his stars declining from the previous 2 years.

1993: Miller misses the All-Star game for the third straight year. The guards were Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Joe Dumars, and Mark Price in a very frontcourt heavy Eastern Conference. Overall 1993 was a better season for Miller compared to 1992.
Isiah Thomas: See above. He really didn't deserve to make the team after 1990 or so. This would be his last all-star game but at best his level was average starter. The Pistons also fell off big-time in team quality and missed the playoffs with a losing record. Miller definitely deserved to make it over Isiah and it isn't close.
Michael Jordan: Not much to say here, deserved to start obviously.
Joe Dumars: This was his most prolific scoring season and he outscored Miller by a few points per game. Dumars also made the all-defensive first team here. The advanced stats all favor Miller but given the defensive advantage, I am fine with Dumars being an all-star reserve. It is a close call either way.
Mark Price: A better 3 point and free throw shooter than Miller but on lower volume given his biggest role was as a creator. Mark Price had a better BPM, PER, and win shares per 48 minutes. Overall I think Mark Price should've been a starter in the all-star game.
Overall: Miller definitely got snubbed here in favor of the Pistons guards. I am 50/50 on whether Dumars should've gotten in ahead of Miller but it doesn't matter because Isiah Thomas making the team was patently absurd. At this point we are at 2 snubs total.

1994: Miller leads the league in TS%, and misses the All-Star game for the 4th straight year. This is the first year we really get to see playoff Reggie for a decent period of time as every year prior to this he either missed the playoffs or the Pacers were 1st round fodder. After these playoffs, Reggie finally starts to gain respect around the league and makes 3 of the next 4 all-star games and all-nba teams.
The guards this year who made it were: BJ Armstrong, Kenny Anderson, Mookie Blaylock, Mark Price, and John Starks. It was a change of the guard from 1993 given the decline of the Pistons and Jordan's 1st retirement.
Kenny Anderson: His only all-star appearance. He was 4th in assists per game, 12th in steals, and 15th in total points due to excellent health. Without advanced stats this looks like a reasonable pick ahead of Miller but while Anderson is a much much better passer I would take Miller in a heartbeat. Miller was substantially better across the board in advanced stats and his team was better too. Miller deserved to make the team this year.
BJ Armstrong: He had no business being an all-star and had a negative BPM. Fans were desperate to reward the remaining Bulls who vastly outperformed expectations without Jordan. This was the mot bizarre example of it. Grant and Pippen were far superior player. Miller and other guards deserved to get in over Armstrong.
Mookie Blaylock: Superior BPM and VORP to Miller by a good margin. Slightly worse win shares (11.7 to 10.2). Also a 1st team all-defense member. Very easy choice to make the team and I'd put him over Miller too. This was his only all-star season but he definitely deserved to make the team in 1997 as well.
Mark Price: His last elite injury free year. He deserved to make the team and was probably the best guard in the East or right next to Blaylock. His advanced stats were elite across the board. Honestly I think he should've made the NBA 75th anniversary team but I get it is a borderline case.
John Starks: His only all-star game and he didn't deserve to make it over Miller (but he was definitely better than Armstrong!). Miller's numbers are so much better across the board it isn't worth debating.
Overall: Miller got snubbed again and this time by 3 different inferior guards. This is his third all-star snub and probably the most egregious one yet.

1995: He made the team as a starter! Following his playoff success, Miller starts to gain respect around the league and from the fans. Only narrowly behind Penny Hardaway as the leading guard vote-getter.
1996: He made the team again! This time as a reserve. Penny and Jordan were both superior players at this point.
1997: Reggie misses the team despite posting career highs in VORP and BPM. Guards who made the team: Penny Hardaway, Michael Jordan, Terrell Brandon, Joe Dumars (injury replacement), Tim Hardaway, Glen Rice.
I'm going to save some time here. Reggie Miller missed the all-star team because the Pacers had a losing record and missed the playoffs. Miller was clearly better than a late career Dumars and Terrell Brandon at the very least. The Pacers suffered some injuries to key players (but not Miller) and general Larry Brown fatigue. This season kind of proved that Reggie Miller is not necessarily an elite floor raiser and the all-star voting punished him for it.

1998: Reggie made the team during an excellent Pacers season where they almost won the title.

1999: Lockout shortened season. No all-star game. Miller had a somewhat worse season regardless but so did almost everybody. Given their record, Reggier almost certainly would've made the team.

2000: Pacers make the finals and Reggie makes his final all-star appearance.

2001: Miller doesn't make the team and he starts declining. Given that his peak was an all-nba 3rd teamer, he didn't have much room to drop before missing the team. The Pacers also finished .500 and were on the decline in general.
Guards who made the team: Iverson, McGrady, Ray Allen, Allan Houston, Marbury, Stackhouse. The new generation of NBA talent was showing and players like Miller were being left behind as stars.
Iverson: MVP winner, no contest here.
McGrady: Superior stats across the board, no contest.
Ray Allen: Also superior in pretty much every way, not close.
Allan Houston: Reggie Miller was superior across the board but Houston played for the Knicks and was comically overrated around this time.
Stephon Marbury: Superior across the board, except for win shares. I would take Marbury here easily.
Jerry Stackhouse: Scored almost 30 a game and superior across the board stats except win shares. I'd take Stackhouse easily.
Overall: Allan Houston was the only guard worse than Miller this season but I'd argue Eddie Jones would've also been a good replacement. I can't call this a snub.

2002: Miller misses the all-star team in his last season being a main focal point of the offense instead of a role player. Jermaine O'Neal was clearly a much better player on his own team by now and he made the all-star team.
East guards who made the team: Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Baron Davis, Jason Kidd, T-Mac.
Iverson: Led the league in scoring, clearly deserved to make the game.
Jordan: In from fan vote. Advanced stats tell a mixed story here. Jordan had a better PER and BPM. Reggie more win shares and VORP. Jordan did a pretty heavy carry job on a bad Wizards team, but I'd put him slightly ahead of Miller.
Ray Allen: Same as last year, much better than Miller at this stage.
Jason Kidd: Superior across the board, easily deserved to make the team.
T-Mac: Same as last year, not close.
Baron Davis: Horrible TS% but good enough at other things to be a somewhat better player anyway.
Overall: Not snubbed.

Final Thoughts: Miller clearly got snubbed in 1991, 1993, and 1994. 1997 is highly debatable given the team record being very disappointing. Depending on where you land on 1997, Miller deserved to make 8 or 9 all-star games. Not quite 10+ as the other post was claiming, but a fair bit more than he actually got.
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