I hope to join soon good luck for this project.

2021.09.23 13:12 ramjan78 I hope to join soon good luck for this project.

This is a project I admire, I'm sure success will come soon. I hope to join soon good luck for this project.
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2021.09.23 13:12 NoobzProXD Spoilerc: A punishment for people who speedruns their level

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2021.09.23 13:12 jennifersbnl Poll tax?

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering what a poll tax actually is. My first year living in NL and receiving this tax. Is it to do with voting? If I am ineligible to vote in my town council election - is it still necessary to pay?
Or does the term mean more than just the name would suggest nowadays?
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2021.09.23 13:12 crazycoaster06 Jackson Maddy Belle Threesome Get Doggy Style And Licking Wet Pussy_1

Jackson Maddy Belle Threesome Get Doggy Style And Licking Wet Pussy_1 submitted by crazycoaster06 to MaddyandJackson [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 13:12 Siswhoisyou IGHT question for the Kiyo kinnies, if Korekiyo can summon earthquakes can he make you shake like one 🀨

IGHT question for the Kiyo kinnies, if Korekiyo can summon earthquakes can he make you shake like one 🀨 submitted by Siswhoisyou to DanganronpaMemes [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 13:12 RouxcoLeather Favorite flannel shirt ripped so I put it back to work

Favorite flannel shirt ripped so I put it back to work submitted by RouxcoLeather to Leathercraft [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 13:12 slyeguy25 Cracking our knuckles all at once instead of clapping at Boston

Im going to be at the Boston show and have loved the strange and beautiful audience participation this tour, and saw a D&D conference where they did this and the sound was crazy and thought we could could that. I dont know how we’d time it perfectly or how many would do this but I think its so weird and bone related that Phoebe would love it and be equally disturbed at her audiences coordination. Fun? Dumb? Let me know in the comments
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2021.09.23 13:12 Lessofthismoreofthat Friendly reminder to keep your transition slow & steady (aka Don't get a probable stress fracture like me)

Hi Team! I had the now standard journey of lockdown > hi, exercise! > running is fun, huh? > minimalism looks interesting > replace all shoes, socks and buy toe spacers > go for most minimal option you can find > ooh, bugger, injury.
I love all the theory, it makes sense to me, I love ground feel, I really love hiking barefoot, I live in the city so bought a load of skinners to walk, run and climb in.
I am also (was also) training for a half marathon, so got up to 8-9 miles in Skinners, occasionally Merrel Vapour Gloves, but Skinners were my fave. Running on tarmac / concrete.
Well, it happened. I got a pain on the top of my foot two weeks ago, and it won't go away. I've taken a week off running, tried again, and had it flare again. I am close to withdrawing from the half marathon in a fortnight, and probably need to go for an x-ray. I don't want to give myself permanent bone damage.
As I say, still love the theory and the feel, but managed to pick up what I hope is not a serious injury. Just a reminder to say, it can happen to you! I started transitioning last November, probably went fully minimalist / barefoot-at-home in February.
Take care out there!
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2021.09.23 13:12 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.23 13:12 WREGnewschannel3 Mississippi voting rights case is argued at US appeals court

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2021.09.23 13:12 UTDR_bot Let's see what good your determination is against THIS! (By 桷月 on pixiv)

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2021.09.23 13:12 gazzreynolds Need friends for a ripple in time

Feel free to add me for gifts and raids
1088 9613 9545
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2021.09.23 13:12 leena3azar What do I (19M) do when my girlfriend (19) keeps bringing up the past?

(i apologize for any mistakes, English isn't my native language)
My girlfriend keeps bringing up my past mistakes after she told me she forgave me and I thought we moved on. I apologize every time she brings it up but I feel like this isn't efficient. When I ask her why she does that she says she can't magically forget what I did.
For context, when we first started dating (last year) I was a shy guy and that caused problems; it made her feel unwanted and undesired by me. She never mentioned that until a year later (this year). It took me by surprise because I was never aware I made her feel that way. I apologized and told her that I would do my best to make her feel wanted. This was a few months ago. She let me know that I am treating her better than before, but she can't forget how I treated her in the past and that causes her to feel the need to talk about it.
Another issue is, this is extremely difficult for me to type because I never shared it with anything, but I'll try to jot it down. When we started dating, I used to identify as a bisexual man. Initially, she sounded like she was okay with that, but as our relationship progressed it was clear that she minded my sexual orientation. When we went out for the first time I assumed her gender and thought she was a man. I treated her as such (which was a big mistake because I shouldn't have made assumptions) and she didn't correct me. As days passed (hundreds of days might I say) she let me know that she identified as a woman, so I acted accordingly. Considering she wasn't okay with my sexuality, she let me know that the reason why I made her feel unwanted is I always treated her like a guy. She didn't feel appreciated as a woman. I totally understood what she meant, but my realization didn't change anything. Why? Because today she confessed to me that sometimes she doubts I am attracted to women. She believes I am gay. She believes I am not attracted to her because I always made her feel like a man and didn't appreciate her womanhood/feminine side.
What also triggered that sort of resentment is the fact I used to joke with her about gender. She took offence by that and I didn't realize it because she didn't mention it, so I thought she was okay with what I said. I believe I made a mistake because I expected my girlfriend to react the same way. My ex used to love these jokes (the jokes were I would call her 'my boyfriend' and she would crack up, they weren't inappropriate in any way). I thought my girlfriend would be just as comfortable and that's how I messed up. I should have known she wasn't okay with it. When I told my girlfriend about my ex, she proceeded to say how f*cked up this generation is because everyone seems to be deviating from the norms etc etc. She thinks that because she was weirded out by the notion that my ex was okay with me joking about her gender. I guess I can understand where she's coming from but I take issue with it.
This confession was made an hour ago so I am still processing it. I let her know that I wasn't okay with her doubts. I might have treated her like a guy and that was really horrible of me, but that doesn't for one second make me gay. I always made it clear I was attracted to women. Nothing changed. She still has those doubts.
So, this is everything I think. She doubts my attraction. She doesn't believe I am attracted to her feminine side. She thinks I dated her because I wanted a boyfriend. She thinks I prefer men. She thinks I don't appreciate her gender enough. I don't know what to do.
I know that I made a mistake and I can't expect her to forget it, especially because it took her a year to come clean about it and that definitely triggered resentment on her side. However, I don't think frequently bringing it up is going to improve our relationship in any way. I would understand her if I hadn't changed, but considering she acknowledged that I improved as a boyfriend and I do make her feel desired more than ever, I don't seem to see where she's coming from when she brings up my past mistakes.
I hate to say this and I feel terrible for the thoughts I am having, but sometimes I feel like she's exaggerating. I have conflicting thoughts. Sometimes I understand her and sometimes it feels so not worth it. Sometimes I believe I am the most terrible partner on the partner and sometimes I feel gaslit by her. I can't seem to trust my emotional guidance. Everything is confusing to me.
I sound so calm but I am on the verge of breaking down. Every time she brings this up, my bones shake. My chest tightens and I lose the ability to form meaningful sentences. I don't know how to proceed. I don't know what to say next. It hurts me that she's hurt and I despise the fact that I can never change the past.
I feel like this is ruining our relationship in so many ways, but I seem incapable of telling her that because her feelings are valid, and who am I to neglect them? What do I do?
Tl;dr: my girlfriend frequently brings up my past mistake and I don't know how to respond anymore
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2021.09.23 13:12 pritish41285 Too Many Options, Too Many Traps - GW 5 Review and We Move

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2021.09.23 13:12 Saborizado For someone who is going to study physics, what is the best way to learn engineering?

I am going to study physics at university. My question arises because I want to learn engineering stuff, although I don't have a demarcated passion for a particular engineering. That is, I want to learn from multiple areas. My long-term goal is to be a technology entrepreneur and investor.
What is the best way for me to do that, besides reading books?
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2021.09.23 13:12 UTDR_bot Let's see what good your determination is against THIS! (By 桷月 on pixiv)

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2021.09.23 13:12 NOTDESMONDx Lying Around watching the Sun Rise 🏝

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2021.09.23 13:12 Organic_Set_5986 Got so many smelly nylons for you all 😏

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2021.09.23 13:12 NotNotNotMaliMiloica i have pepe coin, what to do

idk, i want to trade it for money but i am not sure...
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2021.09.23 13:12 calcasdasd Gorgc may not have been invited to TI10 but he's still the best looking dota personality

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2021.09.23 13:12 thetekoholic Simplii Referral = $50 + $200 Referral Bonus πŸ’°

Simplii is offering a $50 bonus for Chequing, Savings and/or Line of Credit accounts when you sign up and maintain a $100 balance for at least 60 days
Bonus: Get an additional $200 if you add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month (payroll, pension, employment insurance) for 3 months.
Referral Link: https://mbsy.co/3nM99r
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2021.09.23 13:12 natone2 DRIVER ISSUE UBUNTU 20.04 AMD RYZEN 5 4500U

Hi, I'm trying to install the drivers for my integrated graphics AMD Ryzen 4500u in Ubuntu, no matter how hard I look, I can't find a way to do it, it would be cool a help

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2021.09.23 13:12 the_shitpost_machine quick question

Is the Bf a midget or is everyone else just super tall
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2021.09.23 13:12 AtLeastNotVanity Is anyone else using Liza Donnelly in Lang Lit?

Any observations about her style or analysis? I'm really lacking :(
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2021.09.23 13:12 BotPoetsSociety Poem of the day 127

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